Excellence in Education

Verrado Elementary School, Verrado Heritage Elementary School, Verrado Middle School, and Verrado High School. They share a name. They share a high performance ranking and national recognition. And they very much share the values that make our community so special.

This translates into tons of parent involvement, teacher dedication, and student-centered environments. It combines the best practices of advanced schools with innovative uses of technology and teaching that extends beyond the classroom. In fact, educational facilities at Verrado are designed to reflect the character of traditional schools, while accommodating the innovative use of technology and teaching that extends beyond the classroom. This kind of education has gained the trust and support of our resident families. Best of all, our schools are just a short walk from so many of our neighborhoods. View the Verrado Education Video.

Early Education and K-12 Schools:

The Verrado community is committed to education. Through opportunities in early childhood development and exceptional education in local schools for grades K-12, we help our residents get to the head of the class. Verrado schools lie within three school districts: Litchfield Elementary School District, Agua Fria High School District, and Saddle Mountain Unified School District.

Verrado elementary schools each have one K-5 strand of Traditional Academy with Core Knowledge ELA and Singapore Math as it’s curriculum. Our 6th grades have a Traditional Academy class.  Grades 7th and 8th have an Honors strand just as our other District middle schools.

“We promise to strive for nothing less than excellence and to always keep our students’ best interests at heart,” said Principal Luke Jankee. “Every member of this faculty and the community comes together to create a positive and supportive learning environment for our students.”

Part of Litchfield School District, Verrado Heritage Elementary School serves preschool and grades K-8, Verrado Elementary School serves preschool and grades K-5, and Verrado Middle School serves grades 6-8. The schools sit in the heart of our community, within walking distance of many neighborhoods. Students are challenged to think critically, excel, and adopt a lifelong love of learning. The faculty is committed to providing professional, positive, and student-centered environments. Verrado Elementary School has received “Excelling” ranking, the highest classification assigned by the Arizona Department of Education.

Middle Schools

“We have the unique opportunity to be embedded within a very astute community and the partnerships and parent involvement that supports us is vital to our teachers and the positive energy filters down to the kids,” said Principal Kim Diaz.

At Verrado middle schools, parent involvement is integral to the schools’ success. Teachers and administrators are dedicated to providing rich educational opportunities that empower students to be productive in the world around them. In addition to honors classes available for each grade level, Verrado middle schools offer a variety of after-school programs and clubs, including National Junior Honor Society, Art, Student Council and Book Club. Verrado Middle School has received “Excelling” ranking, the highest classification assigned by the Arizona Department of Education.

High School

Verrado High School is an innovVerrado Illustration_BF_apple1ative school focused on promoting rigor through a relevant curriculum and positive relationships. Administrators created a small-school environment by splitting the students into four houses of 400 kids and assigning the students in each house the same teachers in math, science, and English. The schools-within-a-school structure that Verrado High School has adopted creates an intimate learning environment among students and teachers that lead to success. Verrado supports the Agua Fria High School District’s mission of “All Students College Ready”. The school was recently recognized as “Highly Performing” by the Arizona Department of Education and for its dramatic improvement in test scores.

Additional Education Resources

The Math Achievement Club by Rodel (MAC-Ro)

In 2006, Verrado created a partnership between The Rodel Foundation of Arizona and the school districts of five West Valley schools that enabled the Math Achievement Club to become part of the Buckeye community.

According to Luke Jankee, Principal at Verrado Elementary School, MAC-RO has been a true asset to students’ learning because it “puts math in the spotlight,” but moreover, it has created greater family communication about each child’s education.

MAC-Ro has a proven record of improving elementary math achievement. Among other things, the program motivates students and supports advanced achievement in mathematics. After the first year in the program, second graders at Verrado Elementary School saw a 25-percentile point gain in their Terra Nova math achievement scores.

The Goddard School

One of the fastest-growing early childhood development providers in the U.S., The Goddard School has a facility in our Buckeye community designed to accommodate approximately 130 children, aged six weeks to six years old, and offers flexible schedules for children. Conveniently located across from Verrado Elementary School, the program focuses on building a strong, balanced foundation of emotional, social, cognitive, and physical skills for each child.