Where is Verrado?
    Verrado is located in Buckeye, Arizona, in the foothills of the White Tank Mountains 25 miles from downtown Phoenix. To reach Verrado from downtown Phoenix, take I-10 west to Verrado Way (exit 120).

    How big is Verrado?
    Verrado is 8,800 acres and could include up to 14,080 homes and four million square feet of office, light industrial and retail space.

    What does Verrado mean?
    Verrado’s name is derived from the Spanish word “verdad,” which means truth and authenticity. Inspired by a vision of the future and timeless principles of town building, Verrado promises a remarkable way of life in the welcoming spirit of a great American small town. With all our homes designed to reflect the authentic architecture of the Southwest, including Buckeye and Phoenix, the added small-town charm unique to Verrado means the community lives up to its name.

    When did construction begin on Verrado?
    Construction of the community began in the summer of 2002. The first residents moved into the community in the summer of 2004.

    When did Verrado open?
    Verrado in Buckeye, AZ celebrated its grand opening on January 24, 2004.

    What makes Verrado different from other residential developments near Phoenix?
    More than a residential development, Verrado is a modern community reminiscent of a great American small town. The community features include a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly Main Street, intimate neighborhoods with tree-shaded sidewalks, abundant educational opportunities, and vast recreational amenities. Like many great towns, Verrado will continue to evolve over time. For anyone seeking houses in Phoenix or the Buckeye area, Verrado offers small-town charm with the convenience of living in proximity to the larger city of Phoenix.

    What are the homes at Verrado like?
    Verrado homes meld the authentic style of houses native to the Phoenix area with the individuality and character of the people who live in them. Variety is the operative word, from lofts, row homes, and cottages in our town neighborhoods, to larger, single-family homes in our park neighborhoods, to golf and foothill homes that complement the natural form and topography of the land. Home designs are based on traditional Craftsman, Western Regional Farmhouse, Ranch Hacienda, and other authentic architectural styles, and many include inviting front porches that echo our community lifestyle and neighborly atmosphere. Verrado also offers custom homes, so you can craft your one-of-a-kind dream home within our dream community.

    What are the prices of the homes at Verrado?
    Verrado is meant to be a welcoming community for a variety of people in the Phoenix and Buckeye real estate market. Verrado offers diverse housing options, from rental lofts and row homes to single-family homes, custom homes, and home sites, so home prices vary accordingly.

    Is Verrado actually a town?
    Verrado is in the city of Buckeye, AZ. Though not classified as a town in and of itself, the community features many of the characteristics of a great American small town in its design, complete with its own Main Street District, amenities, and recreational facilities. Verrado is governed by two non-profit entities, the Verrado Assembly and the Verrado Association, responsible for facilitating community meetings and events, and overseeing additional community organizations.

    Is Verrado an “exclusive” residential development?
    Verrado offers a wide range of housing options, from rental lofts, apartments and condos and single-family homes to custom homes and home sites. The community is designed to accommodate a diverse group of residents and employers in the Phoenix and Buckeye region.

    What amenities are offered at Verrado?
    The Verrado community is a place where possibilities abound to live life to the fullest. The streets themselves are amenities leading to neighborhood-specific items of interest, such as parkshiking trails, our two championship golf courses, or a landmark building. Unlike houses in Phoenix and other larger cities, most homes in Verrado are about two blocks from a neighborhood park. The community center and community parks provide gathering places for activities, such as swim meets, Halloween festivities, and school-related sporting events. In addition to parks, there are a multitude of recreational opportunities. including 21+ miles of paths and trails running throughout the community and alongside Verrado’s washes and mountain foothills.

    How will Verrado impact the local economies of Buckeye and the Phoenix area?
    Verrado has four million square feet of prospective commercial property for diverse uses, which creates huge potential to positively impact the economy in the Phoenix and Buckeye region. In Verrado’s Marketside District.

    Banner Health, one of the largest non-profit hospital providers in the country, purchased 62 acres of land within Verrado in December of 2007, and the first phase of this regional hospital campus opened in 2012. This could have a significant economic impact from the combination of development and construction costs, construction employment, hospital employment, and the creation of secondary jobs from private labs, new physicians’ offices, restaurants, and other businesses supporting the medical industry.

    Will the freeway be able to handle the traffic generated by the residents of Verrado?
    There will continue to be easy access to and from the homes in Verrado and neighboring cities, including Phoenix. The widening of Interstate 10 was completed up to Verrado Way in 2011, and the Northwest Valley and Scottsdale are easily accessible through the western portion of the Loop 101. Another major freeway, the Loop 303, was completed in 2014.

    What is Verrado’s source of water?
    Verrado’s water is supplied by EPCOR using a combination of renewable CAP (Central Arizona Project) surface water and other non-renewable water supplies. Any groundwater used for Verrado’s golf courses will be replenished. In addition, a water reclamation facility has been built on the southeast corner of the property to meet the community’s irrigation and golf course needs. The facility is permanently surrounded by a desert linear park that will run along the eastern edge of the property. The park will be 300 feet wide near the facility.

    How will water drainage be maintained?
    On-site drainage plans were engineered to ensure that post-development water flows from the property will be less than or equal to pre-development flows. The Army Corps of Engineers-issued permit requires 404 wash impacts to be offset through mitigation and preservation of upland and other drainage areas.

    What school district is Verrado in?
    There are three school districts within Verrado’s current plan for residential development: Agua Fria Union High School District, Litchfield Elementary School District, and Saddle Mountain Unified School District. The boundaries vary across the community, so individual homes may be physically within the boundaries of any of these districts. Through an Intergovernmental Agreement between the three school districts and Verrado, all students can attend Verrado Elementary, Middle, and High Schools for their education.

    Will new schools be built?
    In the fall of 2004, the Litchfield Elementary School District opened Verrado Middle School, which is currently serving 6-8 grade students from Verrado and the surrounding area. The district also opened Verrado Elementary School for K-5 students and Heritage Elementary School. Agua Fria Union High School District opened Verrado High School in fall 2006, and graduated its first class in 2010. There is also another K-8 campus in Verrado’s Heritage District, Heritage Elementary School.

    What is Verrado’s commitment to education?
    Through partnerships with local school districts, Verrado celebrates learning through the thoughtful design of facilities that reflect the character of traditional schools, and the innovative use of technology and teaching that extends beyond the classroom. Verrado is a place where the opportunity to learn is not limited by age.

    Who are DMB’s partners in education?
    Our partners include ASU West Campus and three West Valley school districts (Litchfield Elementary, Agua Fria Union High School, and Saddle Mountain Unified).

    How close is Verrado to Luke Air Force Base and will the community impact the base’s operations?
    Verrado is approximately five miles west of LAFB. In accordance with the Arizona statutes, the community is not within the base’s established aircraft high-noise or accident-potential zone. As with homes in Buckeye and the Phoenix metro area, Verrado homes are within the 280-square-mile area defined as a “territory in the vicinity of a military airport.” Verrado does not constrain the ability of the base to perform its current mission.

    Do planes from LAFB fly over Verrado and what is the resulting noise?
    Aircraft from Luke Air Force Base fly over portions of Verrado and the neighboring Buckeye and Phoenix areas as part of their established flight patterns. Noise levels vary depending on aircraft altitude and weather conditions. All military, public, and municipal aircraft flight patterns are subject to change and outside of Verrado’s control.

    Looking for the perfect home?
    Consider Verrado, where your dream home meets a modern community unlike any other in the Buckeye, West Valley, or Phoenix region. Please contact Verrado today with any questions about our homes or community.

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