Community Governance

Todd Hornback
President, VA Board of Trusties, VCA & VDA Boards of Directors
Suzanne Walden-Wells
Vice President, VA Board of Trustees, VCA & VDA Boards of Directors
Darrell Mead
Treasurer & Secretary, VA Board of Trustees, VCA & VDA Boards of Director

Community Life Drives Resident Engagement

Great communities don’t just happen. They require forethought, cooperation and a commitment from residents and community partners. Verrado’s unique community life comes from a combination of three internal governing organizations, as well as involvement from the City of Buckeye as well as external partners. Verrado is governed by three distinct, yet complimentary non-profit entities responsible for maintaining the vision and integrity of our community: Verrado Assembly, Verrado Community Association, Inc. and Victory District Association, Inc.

2018 Governance Overview

Governance Packages

Verrado Assembly

The Verrado Assembly (Assembly) strives to enhance the quality of life for Verrado residents by facilitating and promoting effective community engagement opportunities including volunteer service, neighborhood activities and community-wide events and programs. Working closely with local community organizations, educational institutions, a variety of businesses and our residents, the Assembly also supports the creation of organizations that share special interests, like clubs, sports teams, and volunteer organizations, while serving as the central point of communications to and from residents and actively promoting community involvement from all residents. Governed by a Board of Trustees currently appointed by DMB, the Assembly administers the Covenant for Community – a comprehensive plan for fostering an unified sense of belonging, inclusiveness and pride of place in Verrado.

Verrado Assembly Governing Documents

Verrado Community Association, Inc.

The Verrado Community Association, Inc. (Community Association) preserves Verrado’s special community landscapes and unique neighborhood settings by ensuring that community standards are maintained for enhanced quality of life. Governed by a Board of Directors currently appointed by DMB, the Community Association enforces the Community Charter – a flexible system of standards and procedures for the overall development, administration and preservation of Verrado residential. All residential property owners are members of the Community Association.

2018 Verrado Governance Package

2018 Frank Residential Governance Package

Verrado Community Association Governing Documents

Frank Residential Special Service Area

Community Standards & Design Review

Utilities Council

Victory District Association, Inc.

The Victory District Association, Inc. (Victory Association) is a 55 plus neighborhood within the Verrado community. Victory residents can enjoy the inclusivity greater Verrado community and also the exclusivity of The Victory Club. Governed by a Board of Directors currently appointed by DMB, the Victory Association enforces the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R) – a set of guidelines establishing Victory as an age qualified neighborhood and exclusive use of The Victory Club. All Victory residential property owners are members of Victory Association.

2018 Victory Governance Package

Victory District Association Governing Documents

Vallarta Community Association

Vallarta Community Association Governing Documents