Nominating Committee

Election Info

In accordance with the Bylaws of Verrado Community Association, Inc., Chapter 3.4(a), the VCA Board of Directors appointed the Nominating Committee to serve a one-year term for the 2017 Owner Director election. Read the appointment and charter document.

In addition to accepting Owner Director applications, the Nominating Committee shall also solicit nominations of qualified owners or residents who are not in violation of the governing documents.

The Nominating Committee shall, in its sole discretion, determine the slate of candidates. Nominations shall also be permitted from the floor at the Annual Meeting.


Sept. 18, 2017

Sept. 5, 2017

Aug. 2, 2017


Suzanne Walden-Wells, Vice-President & Chairperson

Suzanne is a results-focused leader with more than 25 years of experience building and managing successful teams, organizations and relationships. She currently serves as director of community life for Eastmark, a master-planned community by DMB in the Phoenix’s East Valley. Suzanne is also vice president of the Verrado Assembly and Verrado Community Association boards of directors.

Debbie Sailer, Heritage District

My husband and I moved to Poet’s Park in Verrado in 2011. I have been in Arizona for 24 years and in the banking business for 38 years. I joined Verrado Leadership in 2013 and am responsible for ordering and tracking the Warm Welcome program, supporting The Giving Tree and helping determine the assignment of lots to parks as the community expands. I have been a member of the Utilities Council, participating in the rate cases, water workshops and energy workshops for the past two years.

Pat Martin, Victory District

I am a retired sales and marketing director, and a native of Arizona. After living in Verrado for more than 10 years, my wife and I now reside in the Coolidge neighborhood in Victory. I volunteer in programs across Verrado and Victory, including Verrado Leadership and the Utilities Council.

Pamela Haack, Main Street District

One of the reasons we chose to live in Verrado when we moved from Minnesota four years ago was the focus on creating a community that builds connections between residents. As one of the leaders in the Wood’s Run neighborhood, I am a member of the Verrado Leadership. It has been my pleasure to assist in orientation of new leaders and to serve as a short term consultant to the Verrado Assembly last year. Although now retired, my professional experience was in the field of public school administration.