Each season brings with it significant changes to landscape care. Verrado’s landscape partner, DLC Resources, Inc., compiled tips and information to assist you with your home landscaping, and also to help you better understand that landscape care of Verrado’s common areas.

Year-Round Landscape Care



  • Tree Staking: Step-by-step guide to help you grow strong and healthy trees.
  • Caring for Young Trees: Tips to care for newly planted and staked young trees.
  • Proper Pruning: Best practices for proper pruning.
  • Topping vs Pruning: Many arborists say “topping” is the worst thing you can do to a tree.
  • Suckers: Learn how to remove these growths from your trees.
  • Citrus Trees: Tips to care for your citrus trees.
  • Acacia Salinica: Guidelines for successful growth of the Acacia salicina, aka Willow acacia.
  • Catclaw Rust: Tips to remove Catclaw Rust – an unsightly brown cluster fungus that grows on Catclaw acacia trees.
  • Flathead Borer: Prevent flathead borers from doing major damage to your trees.


  • Wildflowers: Learn how to care for bright and vibrant wildflower blooms.
  • Cactus: Despite being equipped to survive the desert, they still have challenges.
  • Cactus Scale: Prevent and treat scale infestations (that white and frosty stuff).
  • Ocotillos: Keep this low maintenance plant healthy.
  • Mexican Fencepost: Tips to care for this common, hardy cactus.
  • Brittle Bush: Tips to care for this common desert plant.
  • Butterfly Gardening: Learn how to attract butterflies to your backyard.
  • Oleander Blight: Tips to control oleander blight, those black or brown spots on your plant leaves.
  • Skeletonizers: Tips to control this pest that eats leaves off plants.
  • Whitefly: Combat this small, white winged insect sucking the juice of your plants.
  • Agave Snout Weevil: Protect your agave plants from an infestation.
  • Round Dodder: Prevention is the best treatment for this ugly parasite.


  • Weed Control: Suggestions of what to use and when to use it to help eradicate weeds.
  • Saltcedar: Tamarisk, aka Saltcedar, is an invasive plant that causes damage.
  • Desert Broom: Learn to spot and remove this tenacious weed.
  • Buffelgrass: Eradicate this aggressive and invasive grass that crowds native plants and increases fire risk.


  • Sightlines: Learn how to enhance your landscape and keep sightlines clear from obstruction.
  • Artificial Turf: The pros and cons to help you determine if real or artificial turf is the best fit for your landscape.
  • Javelina: Tips to make your yard look less delicious to javelinas.

Fun Facts:

Verrado has 276 Saguaros worth approximately $467,500 as well as 17,065 trees comprised of 39 different species and worth over $30.4M (tree value increases as trees mature).  

The trees in Verrado provide 77.6 acres of shade throughout the community; captures 4,043,398 gallons of rainfall annually; and sequesters 584,333 pounds of CO2 annually (enough to offset the carbon dioxide emitted by 46 passenger vehicles). 

Seasonal Landscape Care




  • Managing Monsoons: Prepare your plants for monsoon season.
  • Trees vs Monsoons: Prepare your newly planted trees for the heavy rains and strong winds of monsoons.
  • Pruning Palms: Tips on timing and technique for pruning palms.
  • Spurge: Chemical-free control of euphorbia supina, aka prostrate spurge, a low growing weed that forms a dense mat.
  • Nutsedge: Control this tough turf weed.