Verrado Community Association Governing Documents

Community Charter for Verrado Community Association
Establishes a flexible system of standards and procedures for the overall development, expansion, administration and preservation of Verrado’s residential homes.

First Amendment to Community Charter for Verrado

Commercial CC&Rs

Supplement Declaration of CC&Rs for Verrado East District Mixed Use Commercial Parcel

Bylaws for Verrado Community Association
Outline the governing operations for the Community Association’s Board of Directors including meetings, elections and voting.

Articles of Incorporation for Verrado Community Association
Establishes the Verrado Community Association as a nonprofit organization that operates to maintain Verrado’s special community landscapes and unique neighborhood settings to enhance quality of life for residents of the Verrado community.

Supplements to Community Charter for VCA

Parcel 3.101 – 3.209

Parcel 3.301 – 3.311

Parcel 3.402 – 3.412

Parcel 4.501 – 4.506

Parcel 4.601 – 4.625

Parcel 4.801 – 4.811

Parcel 4.901 – 4.905

Parcel 5.504 – 5.804

Phase 3 South

Victory District

East District

Redmond Field

Frank Residential Service Area