55 Things to do #15: How to Arrange a Mother’s Day Succulent Planter

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Victory 55 Things - Celebrate Mother's Day
Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday, May 11, and in honor of all our mothers do for us, we at Verrado wanted to do something in return to show our thanks.

While traditional gifts of flowers, chocolate or breakfast in bed always bring a big smile to Mom’s face, we wanted to share some tips for a slightly more unique gift idea: Mother’s Day succulent arrangements.

Succulents come in a large variety of shapes and colors and require minimal upkeep, making them the perfect planting for the dry Sonoran climate. Pick your favorites and follow the instructions below to arrange a colorful succulent planter. We’re sure mom will love it!

How to Arrange a Mother’s Day Succulent Planter

1. Choose an appropriate container.
A low, wide vessel works well for centerpieces to ensure guests can see each other across the table.
2. Select your succulents.
We’ve included pictures of some popular succulents below to help you choose plants that will provide a variety of colors, textures and shapes.
3. Line the planter with waterbed lining.
Waterbed lining, secured with floral tape, will prevent your succulents arrangement from draining on your table.
4. Layer 1″ of gravel.
Proper drainage is essential for succulents, especially for those who tend to over-water their plants. The gravel will keep the soil from being over saturated with excess water.
5. Layer soil 3/4 of the way.
Ensure the soil is moist when put in the planter; dry soil will leech moisture from the plant roots when they are added. Also be sure to leave enough room to add the succulents and additional soil to secure them in place.
6. Add succulent plants.
Take the succulents out of their plastic containers and break some of the roots to encourage regrowth when replanted.
7. Add soil and spray with water.
Pack soil tightly on top of the newly transplanted succulents to secure them in the pot and blend together the various plants. Spray lightly with water at the end of planting.
8. Wrap planter with a bow.
Your mom will love her mother’s day gift of a succulent arrangement, and will continue to love it with infrequent watering and light sun.
Planting tips courtesy of Domaine Home and Stephen Block, owner of plant design showroom Inner Gardens.

Popular Succulents

1. Aeonium
2. Agave
3. Aloe
4. Crassula Perforata

Aeonium ImageAgave ImageAloe ImageCrassula Perforata Image

5. Echeveria
6. Euphorbia Tirucalli
7. Haworthia Fasciata
8. Ice Plant

Echeveria ImageEuphorbia Tirucalli ImageHaworthia Fasciata ImageIce Plant Image

9. Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana
10. Sedum
11. Sempervivum
12. Senecio Serpens

Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana ImageSedum ImageSempervivum ImageSenecio Serpens Image
All photos courtesy of Debra Lee Baldwin, author of Succulents Simplified.

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