55 Things to do #19: Take a Hike for National Trails Day

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Victory 55 Things - Take a Hike ImageSure, it might have been nearly 200 years ago, but there’s no doubt that Thomas Jefferson was on to something when he said “walking is the best possible exercise.” In fact, countless studies have shown that walking regularly (as little as 35 minutes per day) goes a long way in keeping you healthy, fit and agile as the years tick on. Other studies show that walking keeps your mind healthy too by helping to improve memory and decrease the risk of dementia as we age.

Beyond good ‘ole fashion walking, outdoor activities like hiking, running and bicycling are also at the top of the list. Heck, just being outside has plenty of health benefits. And what better way to fit any of those activities in then to get out and hit some trails?

That is exactly the purpose of The American Hiking Society’s 22nd Annual National Trails Day®, which takes place this June 7th throughout the country as part of “Great Outdoors Month”. In addition to promoting trail use in general, the celebration includes over 2,000 events, including: hikes, bikes, horseback rides, paddling trips, birdwatching, geocaching, gear demonstrations, stewardship projects, trail maintenance and more.

So, if you’re in the Buckeye area, we invite you to explore the 21 miles of paths and trails currently available at Verrado (click here for PDF map) and the surrounding White Tank Mountain Regional Park. Or, check out the American Hiking Society’s Event Locator to find a National Trails Day® event near you. There’s even a photo contest for any trail-bound photographers out there. We hope to see you on the trail. Happy Trails to all!

Trails at Verrado & Victory

Victory 55 Things - Temporary Trails MapVerrado has over 21 miles of existing paths and trails, with many more planned for Victory and the surrounding open space. And with direct access to the incredible White Tank Mountain Regional Park, there’s no question that trails are a big deal here.

In addition to great opportunities to hike and trail run, Verrado’s current trail system features some excellent mountain bike riding. To learn more, read our featured blog post on Best places to go Mountain Biking in Verrado.

Most importantly, paths and trails at Verrado and Victory are thoughtfully routed to provide convenient access to neighborhood parks, open spaces and amenities. Best of all, the integrated system is designed to promote community interaction – stop by the Lost Creek Trailhead any weekend and you’ll see countless residents, visitors, families, pets and local groups enjoying the beautiful Sonoran Desert by way of trails. If you’re interesting in getting to know the community trail system, you can download the Temporary Trails Map or read more about our parks and trails here. Be sure to stay tuned for exciting news and updates about our ever evolving trail system and plans for the Victory District trails in the next few months.

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