55 Things to do #21: Explore Your Encore Career with Experience Matters

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Victory 55 Things - Explore Your Encore ImageHere at Verrado, we encourage all residents to expand their horizons and try something new, and for future Victory residents, a great opportunity as they retire from their current careers is to apply their lifetime of skill and knowledge in an Encore career.

Learn below from Nora Hannah, the Chief Executive Officer at Experience Matters, about Encore careers and how Experience Matters helps facilitate the connection with people looking for Encore careers and organizations that want to partner with talented individuals.

Learn about Encore Careers and Experience Matters

with Nora Hannah, CEO

What is an Encore career?

An Encore career is the work that takes place in the second half of life. More often than not, it is driven by a desire for meaningful work that generates a sense of purpose and gives back to the community.

Encore careers combine personal fulfillment and social impact, enabling people to put their passion to work for the greater good. If the old “Golden Years” dream was the freedom from work, the new dream is the freedom to work – in new ways, on new terms, to new and even more important ends.

What is the role of Experience Matters in connecting people with Encore careers?

Experience Matters was founded to fill the gap between the desire for meaningful work in the second half of life and the over 16,000 Arizona nonprofits and civic agencies that need the support of community talent. It’s simply supply and demand.

On the demand side of the equation, Experience Matters has a team of professional Engagement Advisors that work with nonprofit organizations throughout Maricopa County to identify their needs and craft compelling projects that experienced, skilled individuals would be interested in tackling.

On the supply side, our team works closely with the Engagement Advisor team and hosts informal coffee talks to answer questions and introduce individuals to Experience Matters. Building relationships with our skilled talent community is an important piece of the process.

Experience Matters then systematically and strategically connects experienced individuals who are transitioning from their primary careers and want a social purpose engagement with organizations that could benefit from their time and talents. Along the way, we prepare nonprofits to receive the talent of this demographic and capitalize on their years of experience to help move the needle on organizational goals.

Why might someone be interested in pursuing an Encore career?

At a certain point in all of our lives we find ourselves asking, “What’s next?” Many of us find ourselves wanting to connect what we do with our time and talent to what we do to make a difference for others. This is the time to explore what you really care about – what gives you a sense of purpose. At the same time, an Encore career gives you a chance to redefine the terms of the work you do and find the right balance in your life.

Who can pursue an Encore career? What type of skills and experience are you looking for in candidates?

Anyone can get involved in an Encore career! The needs vary from schools, government and healthcare to human services organizations. You would be surprised how your skills translate into meaningful work in a variety of new ways.

Some of our educational opportunities require no specialized background in education other than a desire to help kids become better readers and improve their chances for success later in life. Training and materials are provided.

We have tools to help individuals explore their options and a dedicated Skilled Talent Developer to help guide their next steps with Experience Matters.

How do I get involved?

Individuals considering an Encore career should really connect with Experience Matters and take advantage of our learning opportunities. We have book groups to connect like-minded individuals, workshops to discover and explore your future and events that inspire purpose in the second half of life. By the way, we just introduced a new tool designed to help you understand the type of service work that fits your preferences. We call it the Service Profile. It’s a short online quiz that can help you think through some important questions before committing to any type of service work. Contact Franesca van der Feltz at 602-812-3937.

We also encourage anyone interested in learning more to visit our website where you can read about the different levels of involvement and get started on your Encore career journey.

About Nora Hannah

Nora Hannah is Chief Executive Officer of Experience Matters, a groundbreaking initiative to engage the time, talent and experience of adults age 50+ to help meet the growing needs in the public and nonprofit sectors. Focusing specifically on the one million-plus Baby Boomers in Maricopa County, Arizona, Experience Matters strives to prepare the civic and social nonprofit sectors in the creation of paid and unpaid opportunities for these experienced workers. Its purpose is to develop and organize the marketplace that connects adults age 50+ to social purpose opportunities.

Nora has been active in the Phoenix community for over twenty years serving as chairman of the YWCA, Valley Leadership and the Children’s Action Alliance. She is also the recipient of the 1999 Chamber of Commerce Athena Award. Having lived in Phoenix since she was two, Nora has a strong commitment to the quality of life in our community.

She received her BS in accounting from Loyola Marymount University and her MBA at Arizona State University. She lives in Phoenix with her husband and, with three children in college, is enjoying her life as an empty-nester.

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