55 Things to do #26: Gather Design Inspiration in a Houzz Ideabook

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Even though new home sales at Victory don’t start until January 2015, it’s never too early to start thinking about your design plans for your dream home!

In order to get inspired and gather all your creative ideas, we recommend checking out one of our favorite websites: Houzz. For those not familiar with it, Houzz is an amazing web resource for home decoration and design inspiration. Professionals and amateurs alike upload photos of their completed projects to serve as a springboard for others’ home improvement endeavors. And with nearly 4,000,000 photos to date, Houzz showcases a wide variety of styles and tastes — all in one place.

With a Houzz account, you can collect all your favorite photos from Houzz or other sources in an “Ideabook.” In fact, Ideabooks are great for getting ahead of the design and decorating process by letting you save the interior design, painting, gardening, architectural and furniture examples you love most.

You can even create individual Ideabooks for each room of your future house, which will make the process more relaxing and fun when it comes time to implement your ideas! Get started now by learning how to create your Houzz Ideabook here.

Building a Houzz Ideabook

Your Houzz Ideabook is a digitalized expression of an old fashioned inspiration board — more portable, durable, and easier to share. Follow some of the tips below to get started!

  • Create a Houzz Ideabook for the room (or rooms!) you want to plan.
  • Search Houzz photos by room name or by design style to get some preliminary ideas. For example, check out these photos of Arizona Outdoor Spaces.
  • If there’s a photo you particularly like, add it to your Houzz Ideabook with comments on what you like most. You can even ask questions of the original photo provider, like paint color or source for furniture.
  • Go beyond Houzz to other sites that pique your interest. Using the Houzz bookmarklet, you can add photos from all over the web to your Houzz Ideabook.
  • Share your Houzz Ideabook with friends online or show them off in person using the Houzz mobile app.

Still stumped on how to get started? Check out some of the Featured Houzz Ideabooks in the slideshow below.

Today’s Houzz Ideabooks

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