55 Things to do #30: Share Summer Snapshots with Instagram

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If you’re already an Instagram pro, then props to you for being a tech savvy, trend spotting smartphone user, but if you haven’t jumped on board and downloaded this ultra-popular photo app yet, we say it’s high-time you do.

All during the summer, you’ve been snapping photos of your adventures (maybe even a few while trying out our 55 Things to do), and now it’s time to share those snapshots with family and friends. And as its 150 million users know, Instagram is a great way to do it! This fun photo app offers users an easy way to spruce up cell phone photos and share your highlight reel of life events with followers and Facebook friends.

Not great with apps? No problem. Even newcomers can catch on quickly. To help you get started, we’ve put together a guide to some Instagram basics and included more advanced tips that are sure to help you become an Insta-pro in no time. So go on, start ‘gramming!

Instagram 101

Getting Started

  • Download the app: Instagram is available at the App Store (for Apple iOS), Google Play Store (for Android) or the Windows Phone Store (for Windows Phone).
  • Open the app by clicking on the icon.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to set up an account using your email address (which requires the creation of a username and password) or logging in with Facebook (which will use the details of your Facebook account).

Sharing Photos

  • Once logged in to the Instagram app, use the camera icon to either take a new photo, or access your phone’s photo gallery, for a picture to share on Instagram.
  • See how your photos looks with one of the twenty Instagram filters for a photoshop quality finish, or stick with #nofilter – the most popular option.
  • Write a fun caption to explain your photo. You can even mention other Instagram users by using “@” followed by their Instagram account name.
  • Assign some hashtags to your photo for others who might be interested in seeing them, and definitely #Verrado for pics taken in the community. Top used hashtags include #love, #tbt (throw back Thursday), #instagood, #cute and #selfie.

Learn more Instagram basics here.


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Upping Your ‘Gramming Game

Photo Taking Tips

  • Use the Rule of Thirds to create balance and visual interest points in your photo.
  • Combine photos using PhotoShake! available for both Apple and Google devices for collage style photos.
  • Try the new Lux tool to bring out the colors in dark areas on your photo.

Advanced Tutorials

Looking for additional inspiration? Check out the Instagram Instagram account, which posts the best photos across all users. It’s currently the most followed Instagram account of all!

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