55 Things to do #38: Learn how Verrado is the Heart of Victory

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On The Road to Victory #1: Learn how Verrado is the Heart of Victory

“What really makes Victory different?” We get this question a lot, and feel the answer is quite simple: Victory is part of Verrado – a thriving ten year-old community with thousands of residents, a bustling Main Street and great neighborhoods.

Verrado is already filled with restaurants, shops, gyms, basketball courts, swim parks, pools, clubs, groups and almost anything else you’re interested in. The community is home to over 60 parks, with more on the way in the Victory and Heritage Districts. Our signature events like Founder’s Day are now famous in the West Valley, with thousands of area residents showing up to celebrate together. And there’s so much more to share.

But rather than telling you, let us show you! Please watch the premier of the On the Road to Victory video series as Verrado’s Director of Community Life, Todd Hornback, takes you on a guided tour. As a 10-year resident, there aren’t many that know the community better than Todd, so grab your popcorn and Whoppers then enjoy the show.