55 Things to do #39: Join the Food Revolution at Victory

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On The Road to Victory #2: The Food Revolution Comes to Victory

Let’s face it, when we’re not eating food, we’re thinking about it. The food network and celebrity chefs have exploded in popularity over the last few years, and every day we learn more about the huge role eating well plays in keeping us healthy as we age. The research leading up to the creation of Victory indicated just how important food, diet and wellbeing are to all of you, so we thought long and hard about how to make it the most interesting, engaging, and delicious experience possible.

Whether you consider yourself a foodie, at-home-chef, or just a lover of good eats, you’re going to find something worth talking about at Victory. From an incredible outdoor grill, to teaching kitchens, gourmet dining options, chef’s gardens and even a vineyard, this community has got you covered.

But you don’t have to take it from us. This week’s On the Road to Victory is all about the food experience at Victory. So tune into the video above to hear Verrado’s Director of Community Life, Todd Hornback, talk all things food and drink with DMB’s Senior Vice President of Club Operations and all-around foodie, David O’Donoghue. We think you’ll like what they’ve got to say.

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