55 Things to do #5: Find True North

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Victory 55 Find True North

55 Things to do #5: Find True North


Chances are you love spending time outdoors, especially if it’s a beautiful Arizona desert evening. But, when your Google Maps is out of range and you’re not exactly sure of your location, it always helps to have a trick for finding your way. So remember, if you can spot the Big Dipper you can always find the North Star. Just use this handy guide to find True North.

How to find the North Star:

1. First, locate the Big Dipper constellation. It’s usually easy to spot in the Arizona sky, but take a look at the diagram above if you need a refresher on what it looks like.

2. Locate the two stars that form the outside edge of the Big Dipper’s “pan.”

3. Draw an imaginary line straight through those two stars, heading away and out of the “pan.” Note that the Big Dipper rotates in the sky throughout the evening, so the pan doesn’t always face up.

4. This imaginary straight line will point to an unusually bright star. This is Polaris, also known as the North Star.

5. Congratulations, you’ve located the North Star, which is True North in the sky.

6. An added tip: The North Star is the last star in the “handle” of the Little Dipper. It’s also the brightest. But, the Little Dipper is sometimes harder to identify, so always find the Big Dipper First.

Set Your Sights on Victory Club


Victory-Amenities-Club-ViewFor those who prefer to take in the evening sky in a more luxurious setting, we introduce the Victory Club in Verrado’s Victory District. Rising above the desert floor and tucked into the White Tank Mountains, the Victory Club will be a new kind of social epicenter that will never be mistaken for a stuffy old country club. You’ll find sweeping views of the Valley, amazing trails to hike, run or ride and a beautiful new Tom Lehman golf course designed for more fun.And of course, it will be the perfect spot for hanging out with friends, making new ones and doing a little star gazing in the process. The Victory District will be opening for home sales January 2015, with the club expected to open in December 2015. Stay tuned for more details as the story unfolds.

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