55 Things to do #6: Get More Use from your Sand Wedge

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Sand Wedge ShotAndrew Veysey, head golf pro at Verrado’s Raven club, gives us this week’s tip on things to do while you wait for Victory.

Gene Sarazen designed the sand wedge in 1931, and while its steep loft was designed for bunkers, many pros have found that it is the perfect tool for short lobs all around the green.

When the pros hit wedge shots,
1) The sole of their club head just kisses the ground when they play the shot.
2) Their angle of attack is nice and shallow.
3) They make a tiny divot when chipping and hitting small pitch shots.

To achieve their best wedge shot, they are using something that many amateur golfers don’t use or don’t know how to use – they are using the bounce on the sole of their sand wedge. Most amateurs use the leading edge of their sand wedge when chipping and pitching which can lead to duffed chips shots and taking a large divot or hitting the ball fat.

To use the bounce on your sand wedge when chipping, you first need to position the ball slightly forward of center with the shaft of the club fairly straight, instead of pushing your hands towards the target. If you push your hands too far forwards you begin to use the leading edge and start to dig.

Place your weight on your left side if you are a right handed golfer and make sure your sternum is in line with the ball. This will help you strike the ball first and then the ground. Setting up in this manner will lead to a shallower angle of attack and will engage the bounce on your wedge.

It may take you a little time to master this technique as your initial instinct will be to keep leading with the hands, which may lead to some thin shots, but stick with it and persevere because it will bring a big improvement to your short game.

Put your Sand Wedge lesson to good use at Verrado’s Raven course.

Victory District is coming in 2015, and along with it, a brand new Tom Lehman course designed for players of all levels.

But until then, we invite you to come out and play Verrado’s legendary Raven course. Consistently ranked among the top courses in the country, Verrado’s Raven is an exceptional golf experience that can accommodate golfers of all levels. Afterwards, grab a bite and a beer at Verrado Grille. It’s a good way to get a great taste of Verrado.

Book your tee time today.

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