906 Wellness practices the art of well-being on Main Street

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According to The National Wellness Institute, the definition of wellness is “a conscious, self- directed and evolving process of achieving full potential.”

JFB Myofascial Release Therapist Tammy L. Tomich-Gandee is poised to become another catalyst for change and growth on Main Street, with the opening of 906 Wellness in the Jackson office building on April 4.

“I am grateful to be on the threshold of a lifelong goal, providing personalized wellness care to the community of Verrado and the Southwest Valley,” she said. “I believe individualized healthcare modalities and education should be widely available and financially accessible. This is the key to assisting others with ongoing self-care.”

Tomich-Gandee’s new practice on Main Street sprung from her early experiences as an oncology rehabilitation specialist and founding board member of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America National Wellness Council. That professional experience led her to focus on individualized preventive health education, including 12 years as a practicing licensed PTA, licensed women’s pelvic heath therapist, JFB Myofascial Release advanced practitioner, certified Leduc lymphatic management therapist, certified STAR oncology rehab partner, CTCA oncology PEC team representative, and Tai Chi fundamentals instructor.

“As a life-long learner, I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge with others,” she said “I’m excited to share the whole system approaches of JFB Myofascial Release and neuromuscular functional mobility education with Verrado residents. The mindset and active lifestyle of Verrado is in perfect alignment with my belief system. I look forward to engaging with this community and all it has to offer!”

Tomich-Gandee’s well-honed skill sets extend to four-legged clients as well. She is frequently called to apply JFB Myofascial release therapy to horses with a history of neglect, injury, or lameness.

And the significance of the number 906 in her practice’s name? “I chose the name and area code in homage to my grandparents, who cared for me in upper Michigan. They are my role models and continue to be my inspiration for a life well-lived, through acts of human kindness,” she added.

Verrado residents are encouraged to drop by 906 Wellness to learn more during an open house on April 22 from 12 p.m.to 4 p.m.

4236 N. Verrado Way, Suite 101
Buckeye, AZ 85396
By appointment only

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