Buckeye offering new program to enhance businesses

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A new program was started this month for businesses in the town of Buckeye, AZ that will begin matching funds for local businesses, allowing them to expand and reach more of the community.

The goal of the program is to help entrepreneurs in the community grow their own businesses and help those home-based businesses expand. The pilot program has $565,000 budgeted for the year and may be adjusted as new projects are considered. The hope is that this program will give qualifying businesses the jumpstart they need to be more competitive in today’s market, which will in turn provide local economic development, job growth and increased sales tax revenues. 

The program will consist of four parts:
1. Economic development projects directed by the mayor and council members including community events, tourism promotion, landscaping, signage, etc.
2. Improvement costs of up to $25,000 to rehabilitate existing industrial, commercial, and mixed-use properties.
3. Expansions and renovations to buildings, landscapes, parking facilities, and improvements to enhance the growth of existing businesses.
4. Technical assistance for businesses to help promote small, home based businesses.

Depending on the level of interest and allocation of funds, the program could be opened again in early 2013. This new program won’t take away from the previous one that matched rehabilitation funds to qualified businesses downtown.

The deadline to apply for the program is October 24th and will be reviewed by department heads based on the criteria presented. Learn more about the program, eligibility information and fill out an application at www.buckeyeaz.gov.

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