Clubs & Groups Bring Victory Neighbors Together

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gallery-pool-women-clubs-activitiesNeighbors in Victory have been quick to establish connections with other neighbors. No surprise to us. It’s the Verrado way of doing community.

This is especially true with those neighbors who share similar interests and passions. In the weeks since The Victory Club opened its doors, we’ve seen eight clubs – and counting – take shape.

The range of talents and interests among Verrado and Victory residents is far and wide. From diverse recreational, professional and service groups to cultural, athletic and social clubs, our community’s clubs and groups provide an organized opportunity for residents to pursue common interests together.

In 2015, Verrado welcomed 11 new clubs to the community. That brings the running total of clubs and groups to choose from to over 60 in Verrado. Check out the full list of Verrado clubs.

For Victory residents who have the added bonus of participating in both Victory and Verrado clubs – that’s almost 70 groups to choose from – the odds are even better that you’ll find exactly the right group for your particular interests.

Here’s the newest clubs and groups to join The Victory Club ranks:

The Art of Hand Sewing: Stitching and socializing on Thursday afternoons.

Hand & Foot: Neighbors gather on the first and third Tuesdays of the month to play this rummy family card game.

Fun Art: Victory resident Martha Kueffer shares her creative skills in this weekly, fun art workshop in Arts With a View. Bring a smock if you don’t want to get messy.

Literary Lunch Club: The Victory Club’s version of a good ol’ fashion book club. In April 2016, the group discussed The New York Times bestseller “The Boston Girl” by Anita Diamont over lunch at The Vic Bar + Kitchen.

Mahjong: Join neighbors each Monday who share an appreciation for this game of skill, strategy and calculation with a degree of chance.

Paper Arts: Calling all creatives. This twice monthly club meets to create art with paper including cards, journals, boxes and more.

Pickleball: This fun and social sport is all the rage. Neighbors meet three mornings each week to play on The Victory Club courts. Not only are the courts amazing, the view of the White Tank Mountains isn’t bad either.

Victory Bunco: Play this popular game of dice and luck with Victory neighbors and friends every 2nd Monday of the month.

So join the club. Better yet, join several clubs. And if there isn’t a Verrado club or group that meets your interests and passions – start one. Learn More.