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Experience Matters AZ LogoNow is the time in life when your passions can lead to new and great opportunities. For the first time since probably college, you don’t have the same demands of family, career and life. This is the time for new hobbies, travel, volunteerism or maybe even an entirely new career. For many Victory District residents, the drive to positively impact an organization or cause will be as strong as ever. And, the vast experience gained over years in professional settings makes you invaluable to so many organizations in need.

This is exactly the mission of Experience Matters, an Arizona based non-profit focused on connecting talent with community. At Victory we recognize the importance of this vision and have formed a strategic partnership to connect our highly knowledgeable and experienced residents to their innovative encore career program.

Recognized nationally as a groundbreaking initiative, Experience Matters is designed to “effect lasting social change via a movement that changes the face of civic engagement and has the potential to transform the structure and sustainability of hundreds of nonprofits throughout Maricopa County.” They do so by “connecting the skills and talents of experienced adults with the diverse needs of nonprofit organizations to build a stronger, more vibrant community.”

With the demand for skilled Baby-Boomer talent in the non-profit sector so great, and a clear understanding that Victory residents will want to continue applying their skills, whether in retirement or semi-retirement, a partnership with Experience Matters is a perfect fit. So, in anticipation of the many opportunities that will become available through Victory’s partnership with Experience Matters, we encourage you to explore these interesting ways to get involved today:

Encore Fellows

“As an Encore Fellow, you get a 6 to 12-month opportunity and a modest stipend to put your skills to work in a nonprofit. (Positions are full- or part-time depending on length of service, established based on a mutual agreement between the fellow and work host.)

The Encore Fellow concept was launched in Silicon Valley in 2009 by Civic Ventures, and Experience Matters has pioneered its expansion in Maricopa County. How do you know if this program is for you? We’re looking for successful, highly skilled, experienced professionals transitioning from their midlife careers in the for-profit sector looking to make a significant impact in nonprofit organizations.”

Service by Design Associates

“Service by Design is a pro-bono, short-term placement into one of the hundreds of agencies and organizations in Maricopa County that need your help – using an intergenerational approach to improve education and strengthen communities while supporting the changing expectations and needs of boomers in Maricopa County.

As a participant in the Service by Design program, you’ll participate in meaningful social purpose projects—contributing valuable talents and skills to advance the common good, while building your own abilities and lasting relationships. The application process is simple, and you’ll be ready to get started as soon as you’ve completed the initial training workshop.”

Experience Matters AmeriCorps Programs

“The Experience Matters AmeriCorps Program matches dedicated adults with schools in Maricopa County to improve education and address critical needs in our schools. There are two ways to engage:

• AmeriCorps – Your Experience Counts (YEC): In partnership with HandsOn Greater Phoenix and 4 Valley school districts, mentors (aged 50+) work in 3rd- through 6th-grade classrooms to provide critical, one-on-one support for low-income students struggling academically.

• AmeriCorps – Boomers Serving AZ Schools (BSAS): AmeriCorps members (age 50+) work with schools throughout Maricopa County toestablish a community engagement model which identifies specific school needs, mobilizes community resources, and builds sustainable business and community partnerships.”

Introducing our Encore Fellow

Les Meyers - Victory at Verrado Encore Fellow We are thrilled to share that Les Meyers will be pioneering the Victory at Verrado Experience Matters program. As our first official Encore Fellow, Les will be serving as the lead facilitator for the development, creation and launch of a White Tank Mountains Conservancy. Throughout his tenure as an Encore Fellow, Les will use his real estate industry experience to lead the comprehensive strategic planning process which will result in a program that protects the environment and allows community members to enjoy this spectacular region. In his own words, “This is a perfect match for my experience and background in the world of real estate and I am very excited to be serving on this important assignment.” The Victory District and DMB team are proud to collaborate with Les and Experience Matters on the conservancy project and look forward to great things from the partnership. Be sure to check back often for updates on Mr. Meyers’ experience as an Encore Fellow.

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