Getting Healthy Coffee Talk – Saturdays at Victory


Everyone wants to feel better. Everyone wants to understand and learn how to reverse their growing list of symptoms like intestinal and digestive distress, headaches, anxiety, chronic fatigue, and pain.  But where does one really start? You can start this Saturday July 25 at 10 a.m. with Dr. Patrick Nemechek’s complimentary monthly talk on The Big Patio at Victory about anti-inflammatory living and disease reversal.

One of Verrado’s neighborhood docs is a brain metabolism and disease reversal specialist. Dr. Nemechek is an internal medicine doctor who has centered his Verrado based medical practice on reversing the metabolic inflammation that triggers and fuels modern disease.

Dr. Nemechek tells us that good health is like an uneventful car ride. You get to where you’re going just fine.  But poor health is like a bad car ride, it is the trip you wish you never went on. Troubles start small and then they get worse along the way. Symptoms intensify, labs become abnormal, and medications pile up.  But Dr. Nemechek is willing to teach us how our accumulating symptoms, weight, and doomsday diagnosis are not inevitable. You still control your health no matter where you are in the process.

Cleaner food to promote brain recovery and intestinal health, core nutritional changes to restore what once protected our resilient ancestors, and long term strategies for prescription free lives is right here in Verrado.

Join us each month for Dr. Nemechek’s health talks on The Big Patio at Victory, and let him teach you how to live a super healthy life.  Next in the series will be on August 22.


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