Grab a Map and a Big Picnic Basket, Verrado Now Boasts 77 Parks!

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Whether you’re into screaming down the big slide and flipping over the monkey bars, learning how to navigate the world, shooting hoops with the neighbors, or just wanting a quiet place to reflect on the day, Verrado has just the right park for your mood.  With 77 parks now in the community, you can literally visit a new one every week, and not hit them all in a year.  So grab your picnic basket and some sunscreen, it’s time to get out and explore – park hopping style.

Or if you’re the type who prefers to plan ahead, check out this video and see what suits your mood today. Birthday parties, weddings, scavenger hunts, the possibilities are endless.  So, whether your day is all mapped out, or you want to just print this map and go park hopping, you can do it all right here in Verrado.  Our home town is known to be very friendly, so you’re bound to meet some fun new chums along the way.  See you on the slides!