Help us break a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title

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guinness-potluck-logo-gt-pageThe Verrado Assembly invites you to join us as Verrado attempts a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the Largest Potluck Party. That’s right, we plan to break a world record…and for a really good reason too.

In the heart of our community, The Giving Tree™ (our nonprofit partnership program that celebrates Verrado’s nature of giving) will serve host to our guests at multiple family-style dining tables lining Main Street and around the Village Green. The festival-style event will include live music and fun activities for all-ages. This is a free, public event open to anyone willing to bring a dish and we need you—and all of your friends, family and colleagues—to join us to break this record.

Each attendee, including children, must bring a dish to serve six people. You may consider attending as a group of six then each person brings an item portioned for six to create a complete meal. (For example, one person brings a salad, another brings a main course, another brings a side, another brings beverages, etc.)

The Giving Tree program asks, “What will you bring to the table?” In addition to guests bringing their favorite potato salad recipe, we will also ask if they can bring their time, talents and resources “to the table” to support the missions of our local nonprofit organizations doing great work in and around our community. Please take a moment to discover who brings The Giving Tree program to life.

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Q: Is the Largest Potluck event only for residents?

A: The Largest Potluck Party is hosted by the Verrado Assembly, The Giving Tree partners and our community partners. It’s a free event and open to the public. Advance registration is requested by Oct. 14. | Register

Q: When should I arrive and what can I expect?

A: We recommend that all participants arrive no later than 11 a.m. to check in at one of the four entry points to receive a participant wristband. If coming with a group, it’s best to check in together. The perimeter of Main Street and the Village Green will be fenced with entry/exit points. To help lines move quickly, please note that open beverages will not be permitted and each person must be carrying a portioned dish/beverage to serve six. One person + one dish that serves six = one count toward the record.

Q: Who qualifies as a participant?

A: Any individual, including children and babies, will be considered a participant if they bring a food item or beverage(s) portioned to serve six people. You may consider attending as a group of six then each person brings an item for six to create a complete meal. (For example, one person brings a salad, another brings a main course, another brings a side, another brings beverages, etc.) They will then receive a wristband and will be instructed to locate a seat at one of the table groupings where the dish/beverage must remain until the official participation time begins.

Q: What kind of food do I have to bring? Does it need to be homemade or in a crockpot?

A: All kinds of food (appetizers, main courses, side dishes, fruit, salads, desserts) and non-alcoholic beverages are acceptable as long as they are portioned for six people. Food does not have to be homemade; store purchased items are acceptable. Coolers are permitted, but please avoid food that spoils easily. No electricity will be available for food warmers.

Q: How will GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ determine if we’ve broken the record?

A: All attendees with wristbands are considered participants therefore, have been counted toward the record total. Currently the number to beat is 1558.

Once everyone has checked in, the official judge from GUINNESS will begin the participation time clock which lasts for 30 minutes. All participants must be near their dish at the table where it’s located as the 30-minute participation time begins. Once the clock starts, participants can roam freely around the designated event space. Any individual with a wristband who leaves the event during the 30-minute participation time, will be deducted from the count.

Q: What else should I bring aside from my food/beverage?

A: The Verrado Assembly, along with our community partners, will provide compostable plates, cutlery and napkins, in addition to reusable cups. Therefore, you may consider bringing serving utensils if necessary. Picnic-style seating will be available in the Village Green so if that setting is you preference, please bring lawn chairs or blankets.

Q: Can I bring alcohol to the potluck?

A: Please enjoy alcoholic beverages at another time; this event is alcohol-free.

Q: What happens if I forget my dish or it’s determined that it serves less than 6 people?

A: Bashas’ will be providing potluck-approved, ready-made items for you to quickly purchase, then check-in to the event.

Q: Where do I park?

A: Parking will be available at The Center on Main™ located at 4239 N. Village Street, as well as the additional parking lots north and south of Main Street near Bashas’, Ciao Grazie and Tempo Urban Bistro. You can also park at the Jackson and Davis office buildings located west of Verrado Way along Main Street. Please follow all signage when utilizing on-street parking.

Q: What will happen to leftover food and waste?

A: In order to prevent disqualification by GUINNESS, participants must pack up their leftovers to take home. Food scraps can be composted however, we cannot allow participants to throw away large amounts of food. In the effort to make this as sustainable of an event as possible, the Verrado Assembly will be providing compostable plates and cutlery for your use. In addition, Recycled City will be on-site to collect recyclable items and food scraps. The food scraps will then be used as compost for The Orchard Community Learning Center.

By registering, you acknowledge and agree that you alone are responsible for any food items that you provide and consumption of food items prepared by you or others is at your sole discretion and risk.