Homegrown Flavor That’s so Verrado

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Homegrown Flavor That’s so Verrado by Kimberly Banach

Today conTEMPOrary Urban Bistro and Coffee Bar will open the beautiful homemade barn door leading to the restaurant portion of this highly anticipated new Verrado establishment. I had the pleasure of sitting down with owners Chef Steve and his wife Karen Maynard to get a sneak peak of what’s to come, and let’s just say it’s very fresh. Utilizing local farmers to provide their super fresh seasonal ingredients, Chef Maynard will be creating a revolving menu of enticing delicacies in a total scratch kitchen.

Chef tells me he was raised in his Grandma’s kitchen, rolling raviolis by the age of 5. His grandpa owned a bar and café in New York, so the inspiration to own his own restaurant is truly homegrown as well. Karen and Steve met while she was serving in a restaurant where he was the chef, and she lovingly comments that she was very proud to serve his creations. Similarly, the Maynards want their staff to be very proud to work at Tempo. Their goal is to be a destination for the West Valley, driving foodie traffic from all over to Verrado.

Come with a group, or by yourself for lunch or dinner and sit at the 20 seat community table and get to know your neighbors, after all that’s what Verrado’s all about. Chef highly recommends you try the Poutine!