Keep Your Yard Healthy – Understanding your Irrigation System

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How well do you know your Irrigation System?

Verrado is dedicated to creating a unique living experience. Creating healthy yards for residents is one way that Verrado honors this commitment. Verrado has partnered with DLC Resources, experts in landscape management, to ensure that the plants of Verrado are healthy and green all year-round. DLC Resources created this series to educate Verrado residents on the best ways to take care of their irrigation systems.

Learning the key components is the first step to a functioning irrigation system, and that is what the first video discusses. Understanding what each part is and what it does is the first step to ensuring a healthy yard. Learn all about the different parts of your system in this video.

The next video in the series is about the controller of your irrigation system. Every irrigation system comes with a controller to simplify the running operations.

Understanding how the controller works is crucial to ensuring healthy plant life in your yard. It also simplifies the system to make it more user friendly. Watch this video to learn how to work your controller.

The last video in the series is about just how essential seasonal maintenance is on your irrigation system. The best way to maintain a healthy yard is through a well-functioning irrigation system. Keeping up with seasonal maintenance is the number one way to prevent damage and also gives you an opportunity to troubleshoot routine problems. This video explains how seasonal maintenance is crucial to a well-working system.

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