MAC-Ro program at Verrado Elementary helps students outperform similar schools

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Students at Verrado Elementary School have seen a very positive impact from participating in the Math Achievement Club by Rodel (MAC-Ro) and have shown significant gains in math achievement since the inception of the program in the Fall of 2006. MAC-Ro Schools in Buckeye, AZ

After just one year in the program, second-graders at Verrado Elementary School in the Litchfield Elementary School District saw an incredible 25 percentile point gain in their Terra Nova math achievement scores to reach the 77th percentile.

The data from the 2011-12 school year continues to look outstanding, with students showing higher pass rates at MAC-Ro schools compared to similar schools not in the program. The MAC-Ro team will continue to dig deeper into the data to determine greater insights into the successes of MAC-Ro schools.

The Math Achievement Club by Rodel is an initiative of the Rodel Charitable Foundation of Arizona that uses a combination of increased time on task, parent involvement, strategies for teaching the Arizona Academic Standards, systematic review and monthly “surprises” as motivation for students to do well. This program has a proven track record of improving math achievement of elementary school students.

To learn more about Verrado’s commitment to education or schools in Phoenix AZ who are part of the MAC-Ro schools program, visit

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