Live. Work. Play. We do it all in Verrado.

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verrado Live Work Play Blog ImageIn home town Verrado, many of our business owners and local doctors are lucky enough to not only work here, but live and play right in our home town as well. We thought you might like to meet some of your very smart neighbors.

Dr. Matthew Kennedy/Main Street Dental

You’ll never hear Dr. Matthew Kennedy, our local dentist on Main Street, complain about his self-described “grueling” 4-minute walk to work at the Davis Building. Since they go to school just down the street, he gets regular visits from his own kids at the office and knows that is a special treat. He also walks to his lunchtime work outs at the Center on Main™ to refresh. The ever busy local professional and family man, he also coaches a soccer team, the Benfica Vipers (that just won first place for the U12 boys division at the Sereno Soccer tournament last week). Living locally allows him to coach and be very involved with his kids and make an impact on the community.

What does having such a healthy, active lifestyle living in Verrado mean to Matt? “I feel that Verrado is special because I really feel I am developing a relationship with members of the community, and I see them all around town, everyone waves hello like a small town. I enjoy hiking and biking in the foothills in Verrado, which is so neat to have nearby. I don’t like Verrado, I love it!” Dr. Kennedy, we love you too!

Craig and Emily/Owners of Blue Daisy Day Spa and Barbershop on Main

Living and working in Verrado is also a dream come true for Craig and Emily, owners of Verrado’s newest businesses, the Blue Daisy Day Spa and the Barbershop on Main. They are so happy to see their friends and neighbors come through the doors of their businesses, and love running into them later in the grocery store or with their kids at one of Verrado’s many community activities as well.

Who wouldn’t love not having to commute for work? It’s the small town feel and knowing so many of their neighbors that they love so much. What is life like in their own words? “Our kids know even more people than we do, and we feel blessed to be able to raise them here. Having such amazing schools and teachers right here is the icing on the cake. We’re so very glad to call Verrado home.

Steve and Karen Maynard/Tempo Urban Bistro

The Maynard’s, Owners of Tempo Urban Bistro and Coffee Bar located on Main Street, have been residents of Verrado since 2006 and currently live in the Heritage District. The couple opened Tempo in September of 2013, allowing Executive Chef Steve to literally walk to work several days a week for exercise. “We have built our business as an extension of the mission statement of Verrado, creating a gathering place and a home away from home for all of our customers.”

Steve and Karen love the views of the White Tank Mountains from their front porch, exploring the 66 parks and taking walks with their dog, being a part of the charming hometown Main Street area, and feeling of community and neighborhood that Verrado affords. “The best part of every day is meeting and greeting our friends!”

Nemechek Consultative Medicine

Dr. Patrick Nemechek and his wife Jean have put down roots as one of a handful of Ma/Pa professional couples that have made Verrado both their home and the location of their family business. Dr. Nemechek practices Disease Reversal internal medicine. After long days of sophisticated brain and autonomic testing, they enjoy walking across the street to Ciao Grazie or Tempo to indulge in the healthy types of food they encourage their patients to devour: grass fed meat, organic vegetables, a glass of wine, and the elimination of processed chemicals that damage our brains, bodies, and ignite metabolic disease.

Many trips to the grocery store or to the nearby organic farm involve Patrick, “Dr. Buckeye”, looking at a child’s boo-boo or answering questions just like small town doctors used to do.

Living and working in Verrado has allowed them to really get to know their patients and to be their biggest health cheerleaders. When they are not fighting or preventing disease, you can find them at the Verrado Dog Park with their beautiful Great Pyrenees puppy or sitting around their fire pit under the beautiful Arizona stars.

Next time you see one these neighbors around town, stop and say hello, they are all very committed to our great community. They are Very Friendly. Very Verrado.