Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt adds fun & flavor to Main Street

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If it weren’t for a brief move back to Myra’s hometown in Texas, Verrado residents Cory and Myra Thompson might not have stumbled upon Orange Leaf, the frozen yogurt concept they are on the verge of opening on Main Street in mid-July.

“After our first visit, Cory and I fell in love with Orange Leaf,” Myra said. “We loved the amazing natural taste of their frozen yogurt, the fun and family oriented feel and, above all, the uplifting guest experience. You naturally feel better when you leave, because of the upbeat vibe. We both left the premises thinking: ‘If only we could open one of these!’”

Fast forward through the years and the dream is about to come true. Moving their young family to Verrado two years ago, The Thompsons recognized that Orange Leaf had yet to take hold in Arizona, with just two locations in the East Valley.

“We jumped at the chance to introduce Orange Leaf on Main Street,” Cory said. “This is the place to be. We are excited to serve as a gathering place for this vibrant community we’ve chosen to raise our children in.”

But will it pass the taste test? Orange Leaf offers a multitude of delicious, traditional and original frozen yogurt flavors, along with no sugar-added and lactose-free alternatives, customized with a generous selection of 36 do-it-yourself toppings. Even more, Main Street’s shop will offer fruit smoothies, Swizzles (a blended treat similar to Dairy Queen’s Blizzard) and frozen yogurt cakes.

But the differences don’t stop there. Orange Leaf has tipped the scales with its set price per cup. Choose from three cup sizes and prices, then fill it up with your choice of yogurt and toppings for one price, every time. No more wondering what the weight will cost you.

And there’s one other character that’s bound to leave Verrado customers smiling: the Orange Unicorn. “The Orange Unicorn is the official spokes-thingie for Orange Leaf,” Myra said with a giggle. “He was chosen because he’s a true original, and being an original is an awesome part of this brand.”

Froyo fans on Main Street can indulge in their favorite flavors inside, or outdoors on new patio seating. Frequent visitors will want to take advantage of Orange Leaf’s Ounce Back loyalty program, receiving a point ($1) for every $10 spent in the shop.

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt

Opening on Main Street in mid-July
21084 W. Main Street, Suite 102

Summer hours
Sunday – Thursday: 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Friday – Saturday: 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.