Recycling in our Parks: Thanks, CJ Soeby!

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Verrady Recycling Program in Buckeye, AZOn Earth Day, April 22, the United States along with 191 other countries celebrates and hosts activities to bring attention to the topic of environmental protection. It doesn’t take a special day for Verrado residents to prove they care about the environment, however, this day is a perfect opportunity to recognize an outstanding young resident who took the initiative to remind the community about the importance of recycling.

Our friend, CJ Soeby, was only fourteen when he sent an email urging us to install recycling receptacles throughout our community. His persuasive reasoning was rooted in kindness and responsibility. CJ argued that, “We as a community are a family and should work together to protect and preserve our environment.” Looking back on the impetus for his leadership and initiative, CJ recalls, “There was a crumpled Monster can on Main Street and I thought, ‘We have recycling at Verrado Middle School, why not in Verrado? I thought we should be environmentally friendly.”

CJ’s passion certainly has not dwindled over time. He’s already thinking about how to juggle his high school academics and extracurricular activities with future environmental campaigns. His determination is evident as he humbly states, “I just feel like recycling is really important. It brings our community together for a cause, and makes Verrado a nicer place to live.”

Inspired by CJ’s leadership and in response to requests by fellow eco-conscious residents the Verrado Community Association, Inc. in partnership with DLC Resources installed seven recycling receptacles in Verrado. The receptacles were installed at the following parks: Founders, Hamilton, Walton, King’s Green, Hillcrest, Village Green and Village Commons.

These parks were selected for the initial rollout of bringing recycling opportunities to parks in Verrado that are reservable and receive a high volume of use.

DLC Resources fabricated the receptacles to seamlessly integrate within the existing design and unique character of Verrado’s parks. The receptacles were designed for depositing plastic and aluminum beverages containers.

Earth Day serves as a reminder that taking a few extra minutes to properly dispose of waste, whether trash, recycle or green, will significantly impact the sustainability our environment. Feeling green? Join the City of Buckeye Public Works and Water Resources teams to celebrate Arbor Day by ‘growing’ in knowledge. Learn how to prune trees, what not to do with your landscaping, as well as enjoy tree planting and irrigation demonstrations. Saturday, April 25, 8-10 AM at Buckeye Town Park .

Check out the City of Buckeye’s Guide to Trash, Recycling, Bulk Household Items and Green Waste Recycling.

Curious as to whether a particular item is recyclable? Visit earth911.com and find out where they are being recycled near you.

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