White Tanks article: ‘Hidden Gem’ focus of conservation effort

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AZ Central Verrado White TanksA wonderful piece about conservation of the White Tanks in Buckeye in azcentral.com discusses the launch of the White Tank Mountain Conservancy in order to be thoughtful about growth and mitigate environmental harm.

In the Verrado community, we use the picturesque White Tank Mountains as the backdrop for just about everything. We are helping to launch the conservancy to protect the area’s “amazing shared backyard.”

“The land around the mountains is scheduled for enough development to support more than a million people. West Valley leaders and conservation groups can’t stop the changes, but they say the current low construction demand gives them a chance to influence what’s next for the area.

They’re working with local developers who use the mountain backdrop as a selling point to launch the White Tank Mountains Conservancy. The goal isn’t to halt new construction, organizers say, but to be thoughtful about growth and mitigate environmental harm.”

Read more in AZ Central.

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