Shorty’s Bike Foundation donates to children in Mexico

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A wonderful story was shared this morning by Fox 10’s Kristy Siefkin about Shorty’s Bike Foundation and Verrado Leadership. Verrado resident Anthony Totri, the 14-year-old grandson of Verrado Leadership members Jackie and Jerry Van Dyke, started a non-profit organization to bring bicycles to children who are less fortunate in Rocky Point, Mexico. 

The foundation is named for Totri’s nickname, “Shorty,” and Shorty’s Bike Foundation awards bikes to children who regularly attend school and church services and would otherwise not be able to afford a bike. Verrado Leadership and Rocky Point’s Mission Amor Church have partnered with Shorty’s Bike Foundation to help with the logistics in Mexico.

Click here to view the story on Fox 10.

Shorty’s Bike Foundation has already delivered 50 bikes to local children in Rocky Point and Totri’s goal is to donate 50 more during the holiday season.

The 14-year-old Brophy College Preparatory freshman was inspired by his Grandma and Grandpa, Verrado Leadership’s Jackie and Jerry Van Dyke, after a trip to Rocky Point where he was struck by how hard the children work and how little they have. Totri personally collects, repairs, and delivers the donated bikes to Rocky Point.

Shorty’s Bike Foundation is sponsoring Verrado’s Joy of Giving celebration for the holidays and is expanding his organization by donating bikes to children in Buckeye as well as Rocky Point.

To contribute to Shorty’s Bike Foundation, send donations to:
1300 South Watson Road #114-7
Buckeye, AZ 85326

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