Verrado Residents Give Back Through Volunteering

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Volunteering can help you to live longer? According to Men’s Health News, people who volunteer have been shown to live longer because they have less stress in their lives. Researchers said it may have to do with the release of the bonding hormone oxytocin that happens when someone volunteers. Researchers said that this release slows stress levels.

If this is the case, Verrado must have quite a bit of oxytocin pumping! A community rich in the generosity of volunteers, Verrado residents work with several organizations for the greater good.

Phoenix Rescue Mission is one of the charity organizations which Verrado residents are involved in. Founded in 1952, Phoenix Rescue Mission provides solutions to people facing hunger and homelessness. It serves thousands of people by providing food, clothing and other items they could not obtain on their own. Verrado volunteers meet the first Thursday of every month to serve meals together as a community.

Verrado Mobilepack event

Verrado volunteers pack food to be shipped to starving children around the world.

Verrado also works with Feed My Starving Children, an organization that creates packaged meals to be shipped to starving children around the world. It began in 1987 by a Minnesota businessman who saw firsthand the effects of starving children in Honduras. Volunteer packers came in to help get the food out in 1994 with 12 tons of food to starving children. Each year Verrado community members take part in the Mobilepack event. It allows people across the country to take part in a charity that makes such an impact on the starving children epidemic.

Each holiday season, Verrado hosts the Joy of Giving Celebration to encourage community charity work. Residents can donate toys, jackets, blankets, household items and non-perishable food to the Buckeye Outreach for Social Services (B.O.S.S.). B.O.S.S offers items to people facing unemployment, under employment, veterans, ex-offenders, people in recovery and people who just want to do better. It promotes self-reliance through various courses to give them the skills to do better for themselves.

Verrado residents also take part in a bi-annual blood drive for United Blood Services. Each time someone donates blood, they save three lives. Imagine all the lives that the Verrado community saves each year!

Finally, Verrado supports a resident-led WATERisLIFE program. WATERisLIFE offers a small portable filtration device the provides pure, clean drinking water when included in a water source. It prevents people in third-world countries clean drinking water to protect them from avoidable diseases that come from dirty water.

For more information or to get involved with any of these charities, visit To read the complete article from Men’s Health News, click here.(hyperlink:

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