Verrado thanks Buckeye's Police & Fire Departments

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On June 13, as part of Verrado Leadership’s (VL) monthly class and on behalf of the entire Verrado community, the group served up a “thank you pot luck dinner” for the men and women of Buckeye’s Police and Fire Departments to honor their service and dedication. The dinner was held at the new Buckeye Fire Station in Verrado.

VL member, Steve Manning (Turtles Landing), honored the two Assistant Chiefs Hall (PD) and Egherman (FD) with a flag flown over Ground Zero in New York.

Manning retired from the Port Authority Police Department (PAPD) in 2009 – a department responsible for all law enforcement between New York and New Jersey, including the World Trade Center. After 911, Manning spent 9 months at Ground Zero. During that time he met a lot of police and firefighters from around the nation who came to help in the recovery and cleanup. In speaking with these visiting service men and women, Manning came to appreciate that the flag was a symbol to all who help protect us. Manning had a friend who still works for the PAPD send him the flag after it was flown over the WTC for Buckeye’s police and fire departments.

In addition to sharing a celebratory meal, the fire department graciously provided fun experiences for the VL members – fire house tours and fire truck driving simulator experiences; they also allowed VL members to test a “rope gun” – a gun that shoots rope across flooded washes aiding in potential drowning rescues.

The police department spoke to the leaders about the Volunteers in Patrol Service (VIPS) program, explaining the specialty vehicle for use by VIPS resident volunteers; they also brought their new SUV vehicle and motorcycle, explaining the technical components of each.

The Verrado Assembly thanks the fire department, specifically Chief Costello, Assistant Chief Egherman, Captain Justus Keller, the C-Shift crew, and all the other members of the department for allowing us into their “home;” we also thank the police department, Chief Mann, Assistant Chief Hall, Officer Buchannan, Bill Savage, and the other department members present.

Tell us what you think. Share your comments and thanks on the Verrado Facebook Page for the men and women who dedicate their lives to serving our community.

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