Adventures in Victory: Learn about The White Tank Mountains Conservancy with Les Meyers

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Victory Verrado White Tank Mountains ConservancyApril 26th, 1:00PM | The Big Patio

If you love being outdoors as much as we do then you need to join us at The Big Patio on Sunday, April 26th for a discussion with Les Meyers, head of The White Tank Mountains Conservancy to learn about their efforts to protect one of the best conserved natural areas in the Phoenix metropolitan region.

As Victory’s first Encore Fellow from Experience Matters, Les is dedicated to making sure that Verrado and Victory residents alike have access to the beautiful White Tank Mountains for generations to come.

The White Tanks are one of Verrado’s most incredible features, harboring “incredible natural and cultural resources including a robust mule deer herd, mountain lions, Javelina, and petroglyphs. In addition, the mountains feature two regional parks: the White Tank Mountain Regional Park, managed by the Maricopa County Parks Department; and Skyline Park, managed by the City of Buckeye. Management of these large recreation areas strives to balance the preservation of natural and cultural resources with the continued use by recreationists, naturalists, and the general public.” (

Outdoor life is a huge part of living in Verrado, which is why DMB Associates Inc, The Sonoran Institute, City of Buckeye, Maricopa County Parks and Recreation, Westmarc, Maricopa Trail & Park Foundation, Central Arizona Conservation Alliance have partnered to form the conservancy and work to “protect the White Tank Mountains by seeking pragmatic solutions that enhance the economy of the West Valley while ensuring the sustainability of the natural and cultural resources within this iconic and rugged landscape.”

In addition to learning about the effort, Les will be handing out some extremely cool walking sticks to anyone who attends, while supplies last, of course. We hope you’ll come out and join the adventure.

Please RSVP to Brittany Retsinas, Community Engagement Manager, at if you plan to attend. Check out the video below to learn more about the conservancy, too! See you on the trail.

Impact – About The White Tank Mountains Conservancy

Les Meyers - Victory at Verrado Encore FellowThe White Tank Mountains Conservancy will protect the White Tank Mountains by seeking pragmatic solutions that enhance the economy of the West Valley while ensuring the sustainability of the natural and cultural resources within this iconic and rugged landscape. Through partnership and collaboration with regional organizations, the WTMC will ensure that these sentinels on the western edge of the Phoenix metropolitan area thrive under the pressures of future growth and remain a vibrant sanctuary that retains the enduring character and beauty of the Sonoran Desert. Learn more at

About Les Meyers

Les Meyers - Victory at Verrado Encore Fellow Les Meyers is the first official Experience Matters Encore Fellow of Victory at Verrado, serving as the lead facilitator for the development, creation and launch of a White Tank Mountains Conservancy. Throughout his tenure as an Encore Fellow, Les has leverages his real estate industry experience to lead the comprehensive strategic planning process resulting in a program that protects the environment and ensures community members can enjoy the spectacular White Tank Mountains region for years to come. In his own words, “This is a perfect match for my experience and background in the world of real estate and I am very excited to be serving on this important assignment.” The Victory District and DMB team are proud to collaborate with Les and Experience Matters on the conservancy project and look forward to great things from the partnership.


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