Pickleball Pavilion Ready for Play at Victory

First we covered Pickleball 101 in our 55 Things to do series, then gave you the scoop on the 90+ member Verrado Pickleball Club and now we are thrilled to share that the Pickleball Pavillion in Victory at Verrado is officially open for play.

For those new to the game, this tennis, badminton and ping-pong hybrid is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States. The games popularity is exploding nationwide, with over 800 players participating in the first-ever US Open Pickleball Championships this week in Naples, FL – the largest tournament in the sport’s history. It’s a fast paced game that’s fun for all ages and ability levels, testing your agility, quickness and focus.

Florida isn’t the only place getting a piece of the Pickleball action though, as many consider Arizona ground zero for the game. In fact, the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) Nationals Tournament is held in nearby Casa Grande, and the USAPA is located right in Surprise.

As impressive as some other facilities may be, we think the Pickleball Pavillion at the Victory Club is pretty hard to beat. With brand new courts set nearly 100 feet above the valley floor overlooking Verrado & Victory (and the beautiful White Tank Mountains in the background), it is the perfect home to Victory Pickleball players looking to have fun, hone their skills, or make a run at the Open Championship.  Victory residents have embraced this new amenity with verve, challenging one another to spirited matches almost every day of the week!

With the pavilion now officially open it’s the perfect time for you to get a first hand look at the facility, so be sure to join us for a tour of The Victory Club any day at 10:00am, 12:00pm or 2:30pm.

If you have questions about Pickleball or the Victory Club, just email AskVictory@Verrado.com and we will get you in touch with the right person. For coverage of this week’s US Open Pickleball Championships and other incredible highlights, check out the Pickleball Channel here on YouTube.

Rules of the Game

Pickleball was originally invented on a badminton court, so the game borrows heavily from badminton for its rules and court design. Check out the video below to get a brief overview of the rules of the game.

Video courtesy of USA Pickleball Association.

For a more comprehensive list of rules, download the PDF of the International Federation of Pickleball Official Tournament Rulebook here.

History of Pickleball

  • 1965: Washington State Rep. Joel Pritchard and Bill Bell improvised one Saturday afternoon to create a family friendly game on an old badminton court using ping-pong paddles, a perforated plastic ball, and lowered net heights. A rough set of rules was developed shortly afterwards.
  • 1967: The first Pickleball specific court was constructed in the backyard of Joel Pritchard’s friend, Bob O’Brian.
  • 1976: Pickleball’s first tournament is held at at South Center Athletic Club in Tukwila, Washington.
  • 1976: Tennis magazine writes an article about Pickleball: “America’s Newest Racquet Sport”.
  • 1984: The USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) is organized and the first official rule book published.
  • 2001: The game of Pickleball was included at the Arizona Senior Olympics in Surprise, AZ a drew over 100 players.
  • 2009: The first USAPA National Tournament is held November 2-8, 2009 in Buckeye, Arizona. Over 400 players from 26 states and several Canadian provinces participated.

Fun Facts

  • Meet up with other Verrado Pickleball enthusiasts at the Verrado Pickleball Club™.
  • As of July 2014, there are over 2,500 different places to play Pickleball listed on the USAPA Places to Play page.
  • It’s easy to create a temporary Pickleball court. Check out how here.
  • There are two accounts as to the origin of the name “Pickleball”: the game is either named after the “pickle boat” in crew, which was manned by oarsmen leftover from other boats, as Pickleball borrowed from other racquet sports; or it is named after the Pritchards’ cocker spaniel “Pickles”, who would chase after the ball when the family played.
  • Pickleball’s popularity has been covered on both CNN and NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams.

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