Volunteer work for WATERisLIFE humbles Buckeye Police Chief

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The West Valley View recently published a story about Verrado resident and Buckeye Police Chief, Mark Mann, who has been volunteering with WATERisLIFE and recently got back from a volunteer trip where he was handing out drinking filters in Ghana, Africa. The WATERisLIFE drinking filters are a straw that filters water and provides clean drinking water for one year.

Photo courtesy of West Valley View

Mark Mann has been doing mission work for years. During these trips, WATERisLIFE is able to provide clean drinking water to places where water cleanliness is a major concern. He has traveled to Haito three times in the last year. The WATERisLIFE team helps to establish clean water sources for impoverished villages and orphanages, whether repairing old wells, digging new wells, or distributing thousands of drinking tubes. Volunteers also lead hygiene classes to teach locals how to maintain the wells.

The goal is to eventually transform entire villages because the WATERisLIFE team acknowledges that clean water is just the first step. The team has stepped in to help in 364 villages in Ghana, Kenya and Haiti. Each location is carefully chosen after extensive research and development to ensure that its work and donations will make a difference to those in need.

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Volunteer work humbles police chief
by Sara Clawson

Every Tuesday, WATERisLIFE meets at 8:00 a.m. at Verrado Ground Control, 21067 W. Main St., Buckey. The informal meetings are used to update volunteers on activities and to help interested volunteers learn more about this wonderful organization. To make a donation or discover additional information about the organization, visit www.waterislife.com.