200+ people walk to fight breast cancer

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10-20-15 breast cancer walk blog 1

The feeling of hope was in the air when over 200 survivors, fighters and honorees gathered this month at the Victory’s Big Patio to participate in The Breast Cancer Warriors First Annual Walk and 5k.

When the participants arrived they were greeted by volunteers to help them register for this free event. Before the walk and 5k, residents had the opportunity to stretch with Ignite Yoga. After the stretch, everyone gathered under the pink balloon arch to hear Marje Newman’s inspirational story with battling Breast Cancer. After her encouraging words and countdown, the walk and 5k officially started.

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After the walk and 5k, which utilized the Victory Loops trail system, participants were able to get snacks and water provided by Main Street’s CVS and Bashas’, Avondale Costco and Snyder.

After grabbing some snacks it was time for the raffle where all the participants had a chance to win wonderful prizes that were so graciously donated by over 40 sponsors. Emerson Fry Bread food truck also was there and sold their famous “Jazzy” Indian tacos and prickly pear lemonade where 10% of their proceeds went to the American Cancer Society Breast Cancer Research in Arizona.

Thanks to everyone who made it a success including the participants, sponsors, volunteers and organizers; the walk raised over $480 for the American Cancer Society for Breast Cancer Research in Arizona.

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All of this wouldn’t have occurred if it wasn’t for the Breast Cancer Warriors Club that was created by Marje Newman. The Breast Cancer Warriors Club was created in 2014 when Marje Newman couldn’t find a support group that was focused on Breast Cancer and was close to Verrado. Marje took it upon herself to create a support group for Verrado residents so they could share stories and depend on one another through their fight.

“The biggest issue we all seem to have is that no one (unless they have gone through Breast Cancer) really understands what we are going through. Don’t get me wrong, our spouses/friends are there for support, but they too are going through an emotional roller coaster because of their love for us. I thought of starting a Breast Cancer support group so that we can be here for each other; to just listen to each other; to compare notes; to help support each other,” said Marje.

However now her goals are slightly changing after the groups’ First Annual Walk and 5k, along with providing support for one another, she and the group plan to visit cancer treatment facilities to help provide support for people with Breast Cancer.