Do this, don’t do that…election yard signs in Verrado

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No doubt about it. Election season is here.

Whatever your politics, preferred candidates and/or favored ballot initiatives, the Verrado community does permit election and political yard signs.

But before you put up that yard sign to promote your candidate of choice, consider Verrado’s guidelines for election and political signage. Consistent with Arizona state law, election and political signs in Verrado must meet the following required criteria:

  • Election signs may not be posted more than 71 days before an election.
  • Signs must be removed within three days after an election.
  • Election signs, including size and number, must conform with all state and local laws.
  • Signs, including election and political signs, are not permitted on any community common areas, including parks, parkways, and/or Verrado Golf Club, Verrado Community Association or Victory District Association property.
  • There is no limit on the quantity of political signs allowed on a resident’s property; however, the maximum aggregate total area of all election or political signs displayed on a property is 9 square feet.*

*For clarity, 9 square feet is the total aggregate sum of the area of all election or political signs combined regardless of quantity.

So go ahead. Put up a yard sign. And if you have any questions or concerns about Verrado’s guidelines for election and political signage, please contact the Verrado Community Association at

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