Fry’s Marketplace update

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Site construction continues for Fry’s Marketplace and should be complete by late fall of 2017, anchoring our community’s newest commercial center at the corner of Jackrabbit Trail and Indian School Road.

Part of the reputable and national Kroger grocery retail family, Fry’s closed in February 2017 on the approximately 123,000 square feet Village Grove at Verrado site.

Fry’s has released an opening schedule for this Marketplace storefront in 2019, which will serve Buckeye and the greater West Valley.

In addition to continued site construction, city of Buckeye construction improvements also continue to accommodate the anticipated increase in traffic. This includes adding a traffic signal and widening the intersection at Jackrabbit Trail and Indian School Road, as well as widening Jackrabbit Trail to two southbound lanes on the commercial frontage and widening Indian School Road to three westbound lanes along the commercial frontage.

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