#GiveThemAMinute campaign asks you to slow down

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By the Verrado Community Pride Committee

Speeding InfographicWe all cherish Verrado as a safe and enjoyable place to spend our time and raise our families. Speeding vehicles through our streets have been a common concern for many residents, expressed in board meetings and across our social forums. At Community Pride, we took these concerns seriously.

We did a lot of research, met with the Chief of Buckeye Police and the Verrado Community Association (VCA), and we learned something: it turns out that WE are the problem. Traffic studies clearly show that Verrado residents are the majority of speeders and stop sign runners in the community. Speed limits, traffic patterns, and signage are fine — if we follow them. But the good news is, if we are the problem, we are ALSO the solution.

Starting today, and continuing through the 4th of July, we will be promoting a community movement, an individual commitment to drive safely on our neighborhood streets. That’s where #GiveThemAMinute comes in. You see, it turns out speeding doesn’t really get you anywhere faster. In fact, if you drive 10mph above the limit across Verrado, end to end, the most time you can save is one minute. One minute! We can all spare that much time. So we are asking all of us to give that minute to our neighbors, children, and pets who are strolling, biking, jogging, and playing around our streets.

The Campaign
This is a community movement. We are all leaders in our own circles. We’ve put together a kit with resources you can use to start conversations with your family, your neighbors, your clubs, anywhere you see a chance. The centerpiece is the Pledge. We are asking everyone to print the Pledge and get as many signatures as possible. You can drop these off at The Center or at the VCA office. We will keep everyone posted on progress.

Verrado has 3000 homes. That’s about 6500 drivers. Wouldn’t it be great if we all pledged to #GiveThemAMinute? Share your success online; we all want to hear it.

The campaign has no leader, but Community Pride will be your coach. We’ll share information, tips, and reminders daily to help us all build the habit. And here’s your first tip: this is not a finger-pointing or shaming campaign. We don’t want to see photos of license plates on Facebook. We can achieve so much more with positive engagement.

Together we can do this. Together we can make sure our community is a safe place.

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