The Giving Tree™ Spirit is Blooming

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Verrado resident and artist, Carole Thomson, is passionate about helping the environment and nonprofits benefitting the West Valley. Thanks to her efforts along with the Craft Club of Verrado, a partnership with S.E.E.D (Supporting Early Education Development) and support from the Verrado Assembly, there is now a masterpiece of art honoring The Giving Tree program.  Residents are able to check out the stunning piece at The Center on Main™.  

Inspiration struck Carole at the Largest Potluck Party thanks to the paper leaves S.E.E.D. handed to youth participants to color.  With the creative juices flowing, a visit to the deep pockets of the desert was in store. Carole, together with friends and family, enthusiastically gathered rustic wood and metal from the desert floor.  After collecting the necessary elements from the desert, the materials provided an organic platform for The Giving Tree art piece. The wood on the canvas is enhanced with colored leaves and green leaves woven together highlighting the metal branches.  “This was a friends and family creation which exemplifies my Verrado life,” Carole said.

 Verrado’s Nature of Giving

In addition to her involvement with The Giving Tree, Carole is an active member of Verrado Leadership™ and the administrator of several community clubs including, Ladies Winter Solstice, an inspirational and motivational ladies group which partners with one nonprofit partner of The Giving Tree per year.  In 2017 they pledged to support New Life Center by hosting fundraisers and collecting household items and clothing for the shelter and their thrift store Hope’s Closet.  To get involved join them on Facebook.

S.E.E.D provides scholarship support for preschool children in Buckeye & the surrounding communities affording families the opportunity to enroll in The Goddard School®, a leader in the field of early childhood education, located in Verrado.  

The Giving Tree, encourages the spirit of giving to flourish in the Verrado community through volunteerism and philanthropic initiatives.  The Giving Tree program is designed to showcase and support the vast, yet accessible, philanthropic volunteerism opportunities embraced by the Verrado community.  There are many ways to get involved; to find out more about the opportunities with the twenty-three current organizations submit an Interest Form and follow on Facebook.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift.  The purpose of life is to give it away.” ~ William Shakespeare

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