A look back at 2016 in Verrado

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Verrado is an incredible and special place to live.

Without question, Verrado is beautiful. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better walk to school than under our tree-shaded street canopies. And you’d be challenged to find a better vantage point to enjoy a rich Arizona sunset than from the back patio of Verrado Golf Club…except for maybe your own front porch.

More than beautiful, Verrado is a community filled with passionate residents. The affection neighbors have for our community and also for each other runs so deep you can feel it. It energizes and motivates us to get involved and to come together.

Beyond the day-to-day run-ins that naturally happen in Verrado, we are very fortunate to have so many planned and unique opportunities to come together as a community.

In 2016, we saw increasing levels of participation and we expanded our community programs and events to meet the enthusiasm.

With Verrado’s philanthropic spirit reaching peak levels, the Verrado Assembly formally launched The Giving Tree program to support accessible volunteer service opportunities with 21+ diverse nonprofit partners.

And with growing interest in understanding community standards, the Verrado Community Association, Inc. launched an educational campaign that included topics like front-yard turf and exterior painting.

Verrado neighbors are energized and motivated, and that’s just the way we like it. Indeed, Verrado is a community like no other.

In the Verrado Community Life Report, we have highlighted just some of the moments and milestones that distinguished our community in 2016.