Maintaining community standards: exterior painting

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The Arizona sun does a number on exterior paint leaving many homes faded and in need of a refresh. To maintain our community’s standards, the Verrado Community Association, Inc. (VCA) encourages all owners to think about exterior painting and begin the process with the Design Review Committee. In general, if your home was built prior to 2008, and has not had an exterior paint refresh, please take action and revitalize your home exterior. The VCA will send courtesy letters to those owners whose homes are faded to encourage participation.

The Design Review Committee is here to help and created an Exterior Painting Guide to assist through the process.

If owners wish to repaint the exterior of their home with the exact same original colors in the same original locations, they may do so without approval of the Verrado Design Review Committee.

If owners wish to repaint the exterior of their home with a new color scheme, or alter the location of colors, please remember to consider the architectural style of your home. If assistance is needed in identifying the style of home, please contact the VCA office; staff will be happy to assist in this identification process. Approval from the Design Review Committee is required prior to the repainting of the home when switching to a new color scheme.

Authentic architecture is one of the many key elements of the great neighborhoods in Verrado. To help bring the community to life, a variety of colors that complement the authentic architectural styles are encouraged throughout the community. If you’re unsure about your homes architectural style, you can view the Verrado Exterior Paint Workshop Presentation giving an overview of the styles. This presentation also includes color tips by style.

The VCA plans to hold an Exterior Paint Workshop in the spring of 2017 so keep an eye out for details after the first of the year. As always, please contact the VCA at 623-466-7008 or communityassociation@verrado.com should you have any questions regarding the Design Review Process or if you have specific questions regarding exterior paint.