May landscape update from DLC

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Now that we are squarely in spring, your common area plants are transitioning to the warmer temperatures.

We finished a planting project last month, installing annual flowers throughout your community, particularly in your parks. Be sure to check out the fresh color!

The summer Bermuda grass is starting to emerge from dormancy and take over the winter Ryegrass. We are lowering mow heights and applying fertilizer regularly to aid the transition. During this period, the turf may look patchy in some areas, but this will decrease once the Bermuda fully transitions.

We are keeping an eye on your trees, trimming back heavy branches as needed, with particular attention to sightlines, as well as removing fallen leaf debris as needed.

We are nearing the end of seasonal pruning throughout your community, pruning select plants to about half their size to promote proper regrowth during their flowering season. Many of the plants we pruned earlier in the season have already entered their flowering phase, so be sure to enjoy the fresh spring color!

The hotter temperatures are very friendly to weeds, and we are treating weed growth with herbicide applications as needed, paying particular attention to the edges of your sidewalks. The maintenance crew also removes weeds as needed during their pruning work.

Caring for young trees

Did you take advantage of our early mild temperatures this year by planting new shrubs and flowers at home? Did you add any new trees to your landscape?

Sometimes we think when we install a new tree, nature will take over in caring for it. But really, a new tree needs special attention, especially as it tries to establish itself during the first few important years of growth.

During the first year

During the tree’s first year in the ground, we encourage leaving as many limbs on the tree, including along the entire length of the trunk, for as long as possible. Keeping these extra limbs provides more leafs for the tree to use to make more nutrients so it can grow stronger more rapidly.

Light pruning may be required during the first year; this may include removal of dead or broken branches, a competing leader, any branches touching the ground or any sprouts (also known as suckers) growing directly out of the base of the trunk. Otherwise, young trees are best left un-pruned during their first year.

Visit the DLC Learning Center to learn more about how to care for your young tree including proper watering. Just search for “young tree” in our handy search box located at the top right of the home page.

Turf transition continues

The natural progression to summer Bermuda grass from winter Ryegrass continues in your common areas. During this time, the Ryegrass dies and the turf may appear to be yellow or have some areas that look dry. This is a temporary condition that improves as the Bermuda grass fills in.

Transitioning from Ryegrass to Bermuda grass is, ideally, a gradual process that typically lasts from the beginning of April through the end of May.