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Community standards blog 1Verrado depends upon its residents working collectively to uphold the vision and goals for our community. Together, Verrado’s Community Standards and Design Guidelines ensure that the community’s values are maintained today and in the future.

As Verrado continues to grow, our commitment to maintaining the authenticity of the community remain high. We continue to achieve great success by partnering with our residents to sustain the genuineness and beauty of Verrado which sets our community apart.

To help inform and raise awareness of our community standards, we put together a list of the top Community Standards Concerns/Violations.

Commercial Vehicles
Does your vehicle have signage or visible work related accessories? If so, please keep those vehicles stored in the garage. If they don’t fit in the garage, they aren’t allowed.

Exterior Painting
The Arizona sun does a number on exterior paint. Now’s the time to plan for an exterior paint refresh if your home was built prior to 2009. The Design Review Committee can help you determine the best exterior paint colors for your home. Check out our step-by-step exterior painting Design Review Application.

Front Porch Lights
Each home is to have at least one light on from dusk to dawn near the front door. Don’t forget to change those light bulbs when they burn out.

Front Yard Turf
Now is the time to start thinking about prepping your lawn for the summer. Bermuda grass is a warm season turf, drought tolerant and heat resistant resulting in it being green in the summer and dormant in the winter. Don’t be afraid to not overseed in the winter to conserve water.

Are you looking for ways to cut back on your water bill? Consider transitioning your lawn to desert landscape or artificial turf. Be sure to review the Design Guidelines and submit a Design Review Application before you do any work.

Got Weeds?
Spring is here and so are those pesky weeds. Take action now and pull those weeds before they take over.

Missing Plants
Before the summer heat arrives, replace those missing plants in the front yard. Community standards require one plant per 25 square feet. Don’t have a green thumb? Contact the Verrado Community Association, Inc. for recommendations on approved plants and how to maintain them.

Trash Cans
Please ensure your cans are stored behind a rear yard fence or in the garage after collection day. Storing them on the concrete pad is not allowed; that location is only for pick up. Your neighbors will thank you.

We encourage owners to visit the Community Guidelines section on for more information about Community Standards and Design Guidelines.

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