Stay safe in Verrado pools this summer

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As the temperatures start to rise, Verrado has two amazing amenities to help cool down. The Center on Main and Heritage Swim Park are great places to make memories with your family and friends this summer.

Before you grab your suit and towel, the Verrado Assembly would like to answer some frequently asked questions about our pool amenities.

What items can I take in the water?

Safety is our number one priority at both amenities. To help maintain safe environments at our pools, and to be in compliance with Maricopa County and Arizona regulations, you are allowed to use Coast Guard-approved life vests, puddle jumpers, beach balls and goggles.

You are prohibited from using flotation toys, (for example, inflatable tubes, inflatable ride on toys, etc.), pool noodles, pool toys, squirt guns and swim masks in our pools.

Why can’t I use glass containers and dishes at the pools?

If glass breaks on the pool grounds, the entire pool amenity and its surroundings will be shut down so that our staff can completely drain the pool. This process can take anywhere from two days to a full week to complete. Additionally, prohibiting glass keeps our amenities in compliance with county and state regulations.

Can I smoke my e-cigarette?

Smoking—including e-cigarettes—is prohibited at both the Heritage Swim Park and The Center on Main.

How many guests can I bring with me to the pools?

Verrado’s guest policy allows a resident to bring up to four guests per household, which includes children.

Can I leave my children at the pools unattended?

No. There is no lifeguard on duty, so please supervise your child while enjoying the pool amenities. Teens ages 14 and older are permitted at the amenities without adult supervision. Please note, teens ages 14 to 17 are not permitted to bring younger siblings or friends without an adult present. We define “adult” as someone who is 18 or older.

May I bring food to the pools?

Absolutely, however food and drinks cannot be consumed in the swimming pools and must be at least 4 feet away from the pool’s edge.

Are there grills at Heritage Swim Park?

Yes, there are both gas and charcoal grills available for use at Heritage Swim Park. Grilling utensils and cleaning brushes are available for use and can be found in the residents’ kitchen. Please leave the grills and utensils in clean condition for future use.

How do I reserve a room at The Center on Main or a ramada at The Heritage Swim Park?

To reserve a ramada or a room, log into the website and navigate to My Community > Facility Reservations. Pricing and availability can be found on that page. Please also refer to the Heritage Swim Park and The Center on Main rental agreements for further information.

Have additional questions? Read the Heritage Swim Park Rules.

On behalf of Verrado Assembly, thank you for keeping our amenities clean and in compliance with state and county regulations. While temperatures rise and as summer begins, be sure to take advantage of the wonderful amenities Verrado has to offer.