Summertime sustenance at our local eateries

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It’s hot. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. Who wants to heat up the house turning on the stove or hover over an open flame to grill?

Why not let your local Verrado eateries become your summer hangouts?

Grab a table with friends to dine family style, request your favorite window booth for a date night, or perhaps eat an impromptu meal with new friends you met during a mid-week happy hour?

That’s the pure joy of local restaurants—their main focus is you, the residents of our community. Because after all, they would not exist without your patronage. They chose Verrado for their independent businesses to help complete the small town, locally owned, family friendly vibe that sets our community apart.

Though it may sound cliché, there is something incredibly delightful about frequenting a spot where “everyone knows your name.”

Even more appealing is the variety of mouth-watering cuisine offered right here in our community. Did you know?

Ciao Grazie Pizzeria and Wine Bar

In addition to their mouthwatering pizzas and scrumptious salads, their menu includes entrees such as filet mignon, beef tenderloin kabobs, and wild caught salmon. It offers both happy hour and seasonal specials.


Tempo offers a variety of menu selections for in-home catering for any event, any size, and a venue for smaller intimate gatherings. They create unique offerings for any breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and even cocktail parties. Check out their menu and follow them on Facebook to be in the know about upcoming events, including live music.

The Vic Bar + Kitchen

Inspired by Verrado neighbors, their new approach brings classic dishes with a contemporary twist to The Vic Bar + Kitchen. They strive for a creative yet unassuming menu that will broaden your culinary experience with easily pronounced ingredients. The Vic will gladly modify any menu item to fit dietary needs. Check out the new summer and happy hour menus.

Need a breathtaking setting for a special engagement? The Vic team now offers catering and event services. Let them host your guests so that you can enjoy the party yourself!

You can also get food from The Vic at The Spa at Victory Club. When scheduling your next treatment, ask about their spa menu. Sip a glass of wine during your pedicure or indulge in a fresh, crisp salad after a relaxing massage. It’s another way in which The Vic is committed to providing you with a superior experience.

Verrado Grille

You can always count on the Grille to provide a welcoming atmosphere, your favorite meal cooked just the way you like it, and an opportunity to run into familiar faces. The gorgeous view, the relaxing dining room ambiance, and the friendly service are only a few reasons why Verrado residents have become regulars here.

While delivering their customer favorites they also incorporate specials, live music, happy hour and holiday events. Have you been up for Prime & Wine Wednesdays yet? Check out their upcoming events!

Eat local

Let’s be real. In order for locally owned establishments to survive they need the community to love them back. So the next time you find yourself asking what’s for dinner, consider that in addition to great food our Verrado dine-in locals offer an experience that chains just don’t.

Feel like staying in? Each of these neighborhood culinary options offers take-away service. When you start craving your favorite menu item but would rather catch up on your DVR, dinner is just a phone call away.