Upcycled banners to preserve Verrado’s history

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The task was to clean out an old storage closet in two weeks. Donations to a local charity, reallocating to new storage sheds, and the garbage are where most of the items went.

But the 380 pounds of old vinyl event banners that were dated, out of brand and no longer usable posed a more thought-provoking challenge. No one else could use them and knowing the landfill would be the ultimate destination if they ended up in the dumpster just seemed too gut-wrenching of a decision. There had to be another solution.

Turning to trusty old Google and entering a few words like “reuse vinyl banner” popped up an interesting option. A company in Colorado upcycled this exact material into exciting new products.

“Upcycling” as Ecologic Designs defines it on its website, “often implies a process of repurposing existing materials into something that is characteristically and functionally different than what it began as. Often the motivation behind upcycling is to make a material’s second life more valuable than its first. Upcycling is, for example, turning the vinyl from billboards into colorful messenger bags, or turning discarded inner tubes into waterproof bike bags. As you can see, the primary emphasis is to utilize existing materials to create something new and unique. Why waste the limited resources we have at our disposal, when we can ultimately render many existing products into new and exciting usable forms?”

Yes! This is exactly what we were looking for. After a few correspondences with the company we settled on a few pieces that we believed Verrado residents would love to use in and around our community.

We appreciated the care and thoughtful planning that Ecologic Designs took with our material after shipping it on pallet crates by a freight truck to Colorado. In the process, a “considerable amount of care is taken while handling and processing the material. The purpose being, to reuse the existing material without degrading the quality or composition for its next use. All repurposed materials that arrive at our warehouse go through an extensive cleaning process, incorporating low energy machines and biodegradable soaps.”

All products are well preserved in their new state and wear the patina of honor as once hanging above our Main Street.

We were thoughtful about the types of banners used for the products we sought. For example, neighborhood banners were turned into zipper pouches to hold important community information to new neighbors that our Verrado Leaders deliver when the moving truck pulls in. Independence Day banners are used for the large coolers and bike bags to honor our annual children’s bike parade held each July Fourth. Old holiday banners are now tote bags that don’t just hold a holiday gift, but can be the gift itself.

Like a thumbprint, each product is unique based upon the way the material was cut and designed, but all include the same Verrado logo tag with the inscription, “Upcycled banners to preserve the memories of Verrado’s community traditions.”

First debuted at Founder’s Day 2016, the products are now available for sale until they run out. Pricing is listed below. Come get your one-of- a-kind piece of Verrado history. Limited quantities available.


  • Luggage Tags: $6
  • Bike Bag: $18
  • Horizontal and Vertical Tote Bags: $20
  • Small Cooler: $35
  • Large Cooler: $40

Verrado Horizontal ToteVerrado Large Cooler