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07-2016 country heat video blog

The Victory Club fitness team is bringing Country Heat to our Life Performance Center starting August 15.

Whether you’re comfortable in your dancing shoes or think you have two “left feet,” you’ll love getting fit to fun country tunes with easy and energizing moves in this new fitness class.

No complicated moves. No weights. It’s all about simple steps—just two at a time before building onto the next—to turn up the heat and work your entire body.

You’ll have fun as you tone your body from your shoulders to your legs and everything in between with moves like “Bring the Heat” and “Trail Ride.” You’ll boost your coordination with moves like “Cowboy Up,” “Saddle Jump” and “Ride the Horse.”

Victory’s fitness manager Jeannette Dale recently demonstrated this fun way to stay fit on Sonoran Living Live. Catch a glimpse of Jeannette in action.

And mark your calendar to join us at Victory’s complimentary class Monday, August 15 at 5:30 pm. Pre-register today!

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