July landscape update from DLC

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July marks the beginning of monsoon season for the Valley, and while these summer storms can be a welcome break from the intense heat, it’s important to take precautions with your plants and landscaping. Below, we’ve included some resident tips and information about how your DLC crew works to prepare for this time of the year.

The Verrado crew is moving in cycle through your community and working to clean up bean pods and other seasonal debris, which will be an ongoing project over the next few months. As your turf continues to transition, we’re applying fertilizer and making necessary irrigation adjustments to promote Bermuda growth. This month, we will begin approved trimming of the palms throughout your community.

Looking ahead, our crews will continue to address the various challenges that arise from the high summer temperatures. In addition to landscape upkeep, our crew will proceed to treat weeds as we encounter them.

Monsoon season is here!

The later part of the summer brings monsoon rains, and it couldn’t come soon enough. While the monsoon season will bring the much needed rain to our desert environment, the storms also pose the biggest weather related risk for our trees. DLC crews thin the community’s trees throughout the year in order to maintain the health of the tree and to prepare for monsoon season.

The summer months are a great time to assess the condition of your trees, remove overly thick foliage, correct damage from previous storms and remove dead or structurally unsound branches to minimize the chance the tree will be damaged or cause damage during a storm. Continue reading for more tips on how to prepare your own yard for monsoon season by visiting the DLC Learning Center at dlclearningcenter.com.

Storm response

When monsoon storms arrive, the emphasis for DLC Resources shifts to clean-up and repair. Typically, the summer storms occur late in the day, after crews have left the property for the day. For emergency storm response needs, such as damaged trees in the common areas blocking streets or sidewalks, please call your Community Association team at 800-531-5828. Full scale non-emergency storm cleanup generally begins the following morning. Normal maintenance activities may need to be suspended or reduced in scope while the crew clean up debris and perform repairs.

Watering with summer rain

If you haven’t already adjusted your watering schedule, now is the time to do it.  Even though temperatures are always skyrocketing this time of year, the increased humidity and monsoon rains typically provide needed supplemental water. Check out our helpful watering guide on the DLC Learning Center!

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