New Year, New You

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If you are looking to make changes to your diet and overall wellbeing after the New Year, join The Victory Club Fitness team and other members as we facilitate a one week cleanse together. Because let’s face it, it’s much easier when we have some added accountability and motivation to do and be better.

It’s a simple one week detox plan—gentle and cleansing for your digestive system—that will help you eat more mindfully. Have no fear!

It’s not about strict fasting or eliminating food groups. It is about giving your body a brief rest from some of the common toxins we take in. Changing your diet habits can also help shift some of your unconscious eating behaviors; after just one week you might notice you are more naturally drawn to healthier food choices.

New Year, New You Package

Sign up early for $185 (by Dec. 31) | $195 Jan. 1-8 and 16-22

Package includes an Organic Seaweed Detoxifying massage, five fitness classes, a cleansing basket full of items to support and enhance your cleanse, one body brushing class, and five fresh juices made right in The Vic. You can either join us for a guided cleanse starting Jan. 1 or Jan. 16, or do it on your own. Retail value of the package is more than $235! We’re only offering it at this special price during the weeks listed above. The rest of January, all items will be sold a la carte. Sign up at the Fitness Center.